Get on the One World Observatory again 20 years later

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911 Before I had the honor to board the World Trade Center twin towers, 20 years later to New York, the former place to revisit, feel a lot. Although it is not the first height in the world or the only place overlooking New York, it is the only one destroyed, zero, rebuilt, which is its unique meaning.

Very heavy, it had been so long since the 9 / 11 monument and the nearby firefighters were completely destroyed, but as if everything was still clear. For those who have experienced it, I will probably never forget it.

After the 9 / 11 incident, a World Trade Tower was still needed here, so a new super-high-rise building was built near the original address. The rebuilt World Trade Center in New York (One World Trade Center) officially opened on November 3,2014. The new World Trade Center was built next to the old site and has become one of the most famous attractions in the United States. The new $3.8 billion, eight-year building, with 104 floors, is 1,776 feet (541 meters) in height, representing the year the American Declaration of Independence was signed.

The new World Trade Center is not as prominent as the previous towers, although the height is indeed much higher, and it has one of the world’s fastest high-speed elevators. Enjoy the views of New York on the top One World Observatory, which shows the changes in the skyline as operation.

The newly built World Trade Tower has a group of strange buildings like a peace dove with flying wings, and a pure white steel structure, which let people sigh that the imagination of architectural designers is too rich, I admire!