One World Observatory,Feel the sadness of history and the strength of it right now

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The number one World Trade Center building, rebuilt on the site of the collapsed twin towers of the September 11 terrorist attack, remains the tallest building in the United States, with 104 floors and 1,776 feet (541 meters) high, representing the year that the American Declaration of Independence was signed. The new World Trade Center can be bought with tickets, and the super-large display at the entrance plays greetings, while the dynamically generated world map occasionally highlights the hometown of tourists from all over the world, showing the warmth. Of course, it is also a little sad here, where thousands of innocent lives have disappeared, and people can’t help but express their condolences to them.

The new World Trade Tower replaced the original twin towers of over 400 meters tall, surpassing the Sears Tower in Chicago as one of the tallest buildings in the entire Western Hemisphere. It is still an important window for many international companies to enter New York, and a new landmark symbol of Manhattan’s prosperity, with large glass curtain walls equipped with a clear water chestnut border like a huge sculpture.

Marble brick walls form the ruins of two buildings into a circle of waterfalls. The black stone surface is deeply engraved with the names of the dead, people of different countries and different faiths. Flowers bloom in the sun to pray for peace, water gurgling like missing continuously, many people mourning but not noisy. At night, the two ruins will play with bright columns of light, both a symbol of 11 and a new force. Taking the path to newport or across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn and facing World Trade Center across the river is a stunning image. In such an atmosphere, I really feel how beautiful the peace is.

Take the Tower One World Observatory, overlooking New York Bay and Manhattan, and feel magnificent! It was an oath not to yield and not to retreat from evil! The former Empire State Building, also only comity three first! The view from the roof is spectacular. On a sunny day, when I stand in One World Observatory I can see nearly 50 miles of views. Definitely worth a look at it.

After entering the One World Observatory, guests will be welcomed by the Global Welcome Center, where large-screen displays will play rows of greetings, and a dynamically generated world map will highlight the guests’ hometown.

The characteristics of One World Observatory have so several, one is that you can clearly see the mouth of the Hudson River and the East River, the second is indoor viewing need not worry about the wind and the sun what, three is the city high-rise buildings, and then look at the north line of sight is basic, at least the central park is impossible to see; four is downstairs can get the century21 free gift card! As long as the a few hairpin promoters are there, one person can get $10, and then you can walk 500 meters to the C21 shopping!