New York Free Walk Day 7-Wall Street, One World Observatory

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After a seven-day free trip to New York, the hotel was booked near the World Trade Building and easy to go anywhere. Mainly in Manhattan, and everything is basically accessible by subway.

In the morning, they are still walking around the Wall Street World Trade Center, row upon row of tall buildings soaring into the sky, and the glass curtain wall of the original 911 Freedom Tower reflects the sky and clouds, which seems to deliberately hide their outline. But on another side, she burst out between her spreading wings, declaring her first height. Take a ferry to Brooklyn, Manhattan’s most majestic skyline. The weather is also particularly with our visit, not stingy with the most beautiful blue sky to show the most beautiful white clouds.

I must go to the World Trade Tower in New York, because it is too famous to think it is useless to reach New York. After the 9-11 incident, the new World Trade Tower, just next to the old site, is also a very high building, very cool in the sun, super huge. Although a little heavy, but it is still very worth going, to feel the original sadness, and also to feel the current strength, New York is done very well, not to rebuild on the original ground, but to keep two very meaningful pools.

There is One World Observatory on the World Trade Building in New York, you can go and have a look, above you can see the whole face of New York, especially suitable for the night past to see, you can feel very prosperous appearance.

Standing at the sightseeing stand, you can feel standing at the tip of New York City, and the seemingly unattainable Chrysler State Building and the Empire State Building can look like two dwarfs here.