New York Dream Tour-One World Observatory

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I went to New York several times, shopping is cheaper, the first time is relatively short, and several times I think it is just like other big cities, I think the food is good, because some Chinese dishes are better than eating in China, for example, beef brisket here and Australia I think it is good!

From different perspectives, viewing the Manhattan skyline has a different beauty, but the most eye-catching is always the highest building in New York, the 546 m high building. This time to New York, I punched in the latest night view landmark One World Observatory!

The site of the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in September 11 in 2001, is now two large memorial pools, and the tallest building, the Building One, One World Trade Center, was rebuilt in 2013 and opened in 2014. The three floors of the 100-102 floor on the top floor featur One World Observatory, giving visitors a 360-degree view of New York, Governors Island and the downtown Jersey City in New Jersey opposite Hudson River, more views than the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center.

The more it looks like the old North Tower of the World Trade Trade. The blue appearance, and the glass curtain wall, from the ground can see a disappear point, means that unlimited, never marginal. The wing-like nearby is the new railway station. If it was a blue sky and a white cloud, the building would feel hidden in the sky. Really high, see it in New Jersey. The highest deck of the viewing is called One World Observatory, and the souvenir shop features a key-like key chain.

Taking the sky pod elevator in 47 seconds to the WTO 102nd floor One World Observatory, the elevator with a landing 360-degree Led technology gives you an immersive virtual delay experience, revealing how New York has been transformed from today’s extraordinary skyscraper forest. In the 360-degree comprehensive view, the iconic scenic spots, the surrounding water features and panoramic views inside and outside the city.