New York City’s most beautiful viewing deck-One World Observatory

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After the original World Trade Tower, the name of the Gemini Star, was blown up, the new World Trade Tower was built at the fastest speed, and a new viewing platform was built on the roof of the building-One World Observatory.

The reconstruction of the World Trade Tower, from the brewing, design, construction, construction, to May 18,2013, the specific construction of the new World Trade Tower has been completed, and the rest is some repair work. The new building began its name of the Liberty Tower, and in 2009, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey changed the name of the Freedom Tower under construction to One World Trade Center.

Visiting One World Observatory requires an appointment, entry by time, the high-speed elevator in just 40 seconds from-2 to 102 floors, and the image has played for 600 years. The top floor has a full view of New York, the Statue of Liberty! Can be called shock. The platform has wider views than both the Empire State Building and Rockefeller, and the opportunity is worth visiting.

There is an appointment, which is about a 15-minute waiting time from the door to the elevator. Getting your gear time a day early can avoid waiting for hours in line to get a ticket. This is a great place to see the city so far. Have been to other top buildings, but you can’t compare with them here. Nine out of 11 beauty is mostly imprinted on my mind. On the top floor, there will be lounge areas, where snacks are sold. A must-visit place to visit New York City.

New York and New Jersey, throughout the manhattan. Especially on sunny days, the city under the blue sky is really beautiful, with the JFK, the Atlantic and Hudson rivers, and the Statue of Liberty on the island. Don’t forget to enjoy the animation and the presentation displayed in the elevator, showing off the whole development of New York City, and the final Easter egg is so shocking.