Everyone in New York has to punch in. The Statue of Liberty is on the island

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The Statue of Liberty is an important sightseeing attraction. It is a guarantee of poverty and oppression from the old world and a symbol of the United States. It is a huge neoclassical sculpture, now standing in the seaport of New York, there is a small island called Freedom Island. The bronze statue, designed by the French sculptor Frederick Auguste Bartoldi, was a gift from the French people to the American people, and its metal frame was built by Gustav Eiffel. The statue was completed on 28 October 1886.

We traveled to New York City by road trip. Its full name is the Bronze Statue of the Statue of Liberty, a national monument, and its official name is Freedom to Shine the World. The American Statue of Liberty, which is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, so if you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, you have to go by boat. My New York friends went with us. Usually, the business hours are from 9:15 a. m. to 4:30 PM, so take advantage of it. It’s still good. The Island cruise gives you the opportunity to take a photo with her from the perfect perspective you can’t get, get close to the goddess, and feel the grandeur of Liberty.

Today to see the Statue of Liberty, clear sky, sunny, the mood is very comfortable. For the United States, the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom from the old world of poverty and oppression, rushing to freedom and the dream, is the symbol of New York. At 9:30, I took the subway to the dock at the southern end of Manhattan and saw the Statue of Liberty on the Liberty Island in the sea.

It will cost $18 for admission plus ferry tickets, and $21 to climb the Goddess crown. At $4 off, over 62, my husband also gets a small American benefit. The ferry runs for about half an hour, with many visitors and long queues at the ticket purchasing office. Before leaving, I bought tickets online and went on the boat with the printed piece, saving the trouble of queuing. Before boarding the ship, he was as strict as before boarding the plane, and his knife was confiscated. Looking back at Manhattan Island in the sea, the scenery of skyscrapers stacked on the sea is very spectacular, which is a great achievement of human civilization, the unique city landscape on the earth, so far not that city can surpass. Walk around the Goddess Ring base on Liberty Island, look up, and take photos. I think it is more beautiful to see from a distance on the ship, but I can not see the momentum to open my arms to all the suffering people in the world and realize the American dream.

The Statue of Liberty contains a museum and a staircase, allowing visitors to mount the pedestal and climb to get a bird’s eye view of Manhattan. The limited number of these tickets has long been fixed. After resting in the lawn cafe, I found that my purse was gone, including a mobile phone and a subway card. I wanted to leave it under the base of the statue. I went back to look for it. Holding a trace of hope to the park administration office to ask, the purse was there, such a short time are good people picked up to send. Moved!