The New York man takes you to the Statue of Liberty

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To say what is the most famous thing in New York, many people will say that the bronze bull on Wall Street, and some people will say that the Statue of Liberty is New. Before the outbreak, I went to New York every year. Before it was convenient to go from China. There were many direct flights to New York every day. New York is a cosmopolitan metropolis with great cuisine from around the world. There are also many very famous attractions.

I go to New York almost every year. I really love the world metropolis. There are so many fun places in New York City, Wall Street, York Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. You go to the ferry, the ferry tickets are cheap, and since September 11, the security check to New York City has been very strict. When going to the Statue of Liberty, there are many people every time, and tourists from all over the world like to visit the Statue of Liberty in New York, a symbol of Liberty. It was given to the United States by France, it seems to be more than 100 meters high, and has been standing in New York port for so many years, of course, after many repairs, so that the Statue of Liberty is well preserved. When I got there, I thought the statue was still very tall, so you could go inside, take the elevator to the top, and see a panoramic view of New York.

The Statue of Liberty is a landmark of the United States, you can see it far away on Manhattan Island, we bought a ticket, we can see the Statue of Liberty up close, there are a lot of people in this scenic spot, but you can also see the scenery of New York, so I think the ticket is still worth it!

The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island on the Hudson River in New York City, is one of the iconic buildings of the United States to visit it from Manhattan and New Jersey by boat and enjoy a panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty.

TheStatue of Liberty is still far from Manhattan Island, to take the ferry past, since 9 / 11 incident, the US New York security check is very strict, the security check before taking the ferry. Sit for about 30 minutes to the Statue of Liberty, covering an area, to the front, I feel the statue is still very high, you can walk into the statue, there is an elevator to reach the top of the statue, overlooking the panorama of Manhattan Island.

Take a breezy yacht at the New York landmarks: the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero (Ground Zero), the Empire State Building, etc. The one-hour accompanying tour will take you through the beauty of New York Harbor, watching the world-famous city, enjoying the history of New York, and giving you a brief overview of its 400 years.

The Statue of Liberty is worth getting close to the island, and someone has told us that the free ferry can enjoy the goddess from the back. But I think the effect is not the same, but what makes me most interesting is that the island can see couples throwing dog food and photo poses. It is said that foreigners are also very hard at posing, and various languages and costumes can be appreciated. The Immigration Memorial Hall is also worth a visit, with the introduction of California Pai, to experience the struggles and hardships and expectations of the Chinese who first came to New York.