The Statue of Liberty is a must-see in New York

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New York, nickname: Big Apple, Never Night City, Gotham City, belonging to New York State, located in the northeast of the US Atlantic coast, the largest city and the largest port in the United States, Alpha + + class world first-tier city. As of 2017, New York City has five districts with a total area of 1,214.4 square kilometers and a population of about 8.62 million people. In October 2018, New York City was ranked fifth in the world’s top 10 tourist cities with a tourism market size of us $24.8 billion. During the pre-colonial period, New York was inhabited by the Algonquiin tribe, and it returned to the American military in 1781. For more than a century, New York has had a huge global influence in business and finance. New York is a world-class city that influences the global economy, finance, media, politics, education, entertainment and fashion communities. New York is regarded as an important center of world diplomacy and culture.

The Statue of Liberty is located near the Hudson Estuary in New York City, New York, and is an important tourist attraction in the United States. For the thousands of immigrants coming to America, the Statue of Liberty was a guarantee from the old world of poverty and oppression, becoming a symbol of America. We will bring you to the Statue of Liberty, giving you a chance to take photos with her from an extremely inaccessible perspective, get close to the goddess, feel the magnificence of Liberty, and you can know the unknown side of the goddess. Learn about more than 12 million immigrants entering the country through the halls of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Whether you make your first or first hundred trip to New York City, a boat cruise is definitely a unique way to experience New York City’s spectacular skyline and waterways.

The famous Statue of Liberty is on Alice Island, the first New York building. Seeing the goddess of Liberty means they will step into the land of freedom. Now Liberty is sailing to Alice Island from Manhattan.

After sailing around Manhattan for several times, I used to think that Manhattan was very high-end in movies and TV. The close observation is not as good as expected. Maybe the development in China has been too fast in recent years. There are a lot of tourists, smaller than expected.

The Statue of Liberty stands on the Hudson River in New York City, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Visit the Statue of Liberty on a boat from New York, from far to near, panoramic view, and finally ashore, close to the Statue of Liberty.

We took the boat from Manhattan Battery Park, and the route was Manhattan-Liberty Island-Ellis Island-Manhattan. The ship has a total of three layers, not afraid of the wind and the sun of the advice to try to run up, the vision is better. There are also all kinds of snacks in the boat, such as hot dogs, which are not expensive, although we didn’t buy them either.

If you want to enter the podium under the Statue of Liberty, or even climb inside it, you need to book tickets early. If you buy them on the day of the day or the day before, you can probably only buy tickets to board the island.