Night view of One World Observatory, One World Trade Center, New York

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One World Trade Center in New York is the tallest building in the United States and the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. After more than ten years after the 9/11 terrorist attack, it once again presented to the world with the highest level of security standards in the world today.

One World Observatory ticket

Why is it called One World Trade Center ? After careful inspection, I found that in addition to Building 1, the World Trade Center also has Buildings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, which are very large in scale!

When I read One World Trade Center from magazines and the Internet before , I thought its appearance was ordinary, but today I went to the scene to kiss Fang Ze and found that it is indeed a beautiful building.

Except for the observation decks on floors 100-102 of One World Trade Center , the other floors are mainly office buildings. The picture above shows the entrance of the office building.

Before going upstairs, let’s take a stroll around One World Trade Center . Next to the One World Trade Center is the famous World Trade Center Twin Towers ruins . After the Twin Towers collapsed, the original site was covered with two pools in the south and the north. Next to the pool is the National September 11 Memorial and Museum , which records the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum can be accessed with the ” New York Explorer Pass “.

The North Pool represents the North Tower (Tower 1) of the Twin Towers, and the South Pool represents the South Tower (Tower 2) of the Twin Towers.

There are many names engraved around the two pools. They are the building employees and visitors who were killed at the time, the passengers and crew members of the hijacked airliner, and the fire and life-saving personnel who were killed in the rescue. What is touching is that the names above are not arranged randomly, but the company’s neighbors, colleagues, and partners, who are likely to be the last people by their side before their death, are arranged together.

Because One World Trade Center is so tall, it is not easy to take a photo with it up close. In order to take this photo, Uncle Li almost fell to the ground.

One World Trade Center Observation Deck

The ticket office of the One World Observatory (One World Observatory) is located on the first floor, and the people buying tickets have been lined up from the inside to the outdoor sidewalk.

We went at around 7:00 pm (when it was getting dark in May), and it took about 20 minutes to get a ticket to the summit.

After purchasing the ticket, please take the escalator on the side to the entrance of the observation deck on the basement floor .

After the ticket check, the most important security check is followed.

Through the security gate, you will first pass through a TV wall tunnel. After the tunnel is where the elevator goes upstairs.

Leaving the elevator, we came to the See Forever Theater on the 102nd floor , where the beautiful buildings and skyline of New York were broadcast on the walls .

Just when I was watching it, the TV wall in front of me suddenly split into several pieces and rose up, and the real New York City scene suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. I personally think this kind of opening is very good, very shocking!

Outside the See Forever Theater , the service staff and everyone sold the One World Explorer augmented reality iPad . As long as you hold the iPad to the buildings outside the window, you can know the names of the buildings and their historical stories and other related information (rent: $15).

Take the escalator down to the 101st floor , there are three restaurants, One Dine , One Mix and One Cafe , of which One Dine is the most advanced, if you want to go, it is recommended to reserve a seat online within one month.

The storage windows on this floor display equipment such as astronomical telescopes, after all, this is the closest place to the stars in New York .

Taking the escalator down again, we finally came to the observation deck of One World Trade Center in New York on the 100th floor . In addition to the scenery outside the window, the most conspicuous thing here is a “fake” tempered glass floor viewing window. Why do you say it is fake? Because the scenery below is not really seen through the glass, but a TV screen is broadcasting the scenery below the building.

Perhaps to prevent the windows from fogging , each floor-to-ceiling window on the observation deck of One World Trade Center is an air-conditioning outlet. And because people are afraid of stepping on it or sitting on it and damaging the air outlet, there are zigzag brackets for the New York skyline landscaping above the air outlet, which is unique.

After staying on the observation deck for about an hour, I left. The elevator going downstairs is the same as the one that just went upstairs, but on a different floor.

When entering the venue, the staff will take a commemorative photo for you and provide you with a QR Code card . At the See Forever Imaging counter before you leave, you can take the QR Code to them to scan, you can preview the photo result on their iPad, and if you like it, spend some money to print it out as a souvenir!

One World Observatory
Observatory Floor: 100-102 Floor
Time: 9:00~21:00|Summer 8:00 Start
Ticket: Adult $34, Child (6-12 years old) $28
Free under 5, $32 over 65