[New York] Statue of Liberty, a must-visit landmark

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When it comes to must-see attractions in New York, the must-see is the Statue of Liberty! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty in movies since I was a child, but this time I finally have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Goddess herself! As a symbol of America and freedom, the Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island, a small island between New York and New Jersey. If you want to see the goddess up close, you can only go by boat.

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Tickets are divided into three types, namely, tickets for visiting the island, tickets for visiting the base, and tickets for visiting the crown. The price of the first two tickets is the same, and the tickets for the crown are more expensive. The other two are expensive USD$3, and the latter two tickets are limited, especially the number of people who can go to the crown every day is strictly controlled. This time, because of the temporary purchase of tickets, the tickets that can go to the crown have been sold out. If you want to go to the crown, you must buy tickets in advance! Because the first two tickets cost the same, it is recommended to buy at least a ticket that can be visited on the pedestal like us. If there are other attractions arranged in the itinerary, you can also buy the New York City Explorer Pass New York attractions package is more cost-effective! All tickets include round-trip ferry tickets and an island visit permit to nearby Ellis Island.

There are two places to start by boat, Battery Park in New York State and Liberty State Park in New Jersey. For most tourists, it should be more convenient to choose to start from Battery Park. So there are more shifts, but this time, because we didn’t arrange the time in advance, when we bought tickets online a few days before we were going, we found that all the tickets from Battery Park had been sold out, so we had to fall back and buy from Liberty State Park. departure ticket. Originally, I was worried that the transportation from New York to Liberty State Park would be very troublesome. I didn’t expect to check and find that there is a pier next to the hotel where we are staying, and we can take a boat directly to Liberty State Park. We are so lucky! If you can’t buy tickets from Battery Park, you can consider starting from Liberty State Park like us, and the tickets here are much easier to buy.

How to get to Battery Park:
You can go to the following three subway stations by subway, and then walk to Battery Park after leaving the station.

Take Metro Line 1 to SOUTH FERRY Station
Take Metro Line 4 or 5 to BOWLING GREEN Station
Take subway R line to WHITEHALL STREET station

How to get to Liberty State Park:
First take the subway to the following three subway stations

Take Subway A or C or Line 1 to Chambers Street Station
Take Metro Line 2 or 3 to Park Place Station
Take the subway line E to the World Trade Center station
Then walk to World Financial Center Terminal, take a boat from the dock to Liberty Landing Marina, where you disembark is Liberty State Park, just follow the directions to the ticket office. More detailed information and timetables can be found on the Liberty Landing Ferry website.

Where we take the boat, there are almost no signs about the destination at the port of the boat. It is recommended to ask the staff to be clearer! We also asked the staff to know that we were waiting for the boat at this port, because no one was waiting. We also reconfirmed with the staff that it was right here. When the boat finally came, there were only four people on board with us. Then you can buy the ferry ticket. One-way one-way is USD$7, and you can swipe your card.

In fact, the boat will only arrive after driving. After all, it is just a river crossing. After disembarking at Liberty State Park, you can see the skyline of Manhattan on the opposite side.

All tourists who want to land on the island must go through security checks before they can board the boat. There were many fake tourists that day. We waited for more than an hour in the cold wind to finally pass the security check and board the boat.

The boat we’re taking today. Because the weather was too cold and the wait was too long, the first thing everyone did after getting on the boat was not to find a seat, but to go straight to the canteen selling drinks and hot dogs to buy something to eat.

After getting off the boat, the first thing you see is the back of the Statue of Liberty. You can see that the entire periphery of the Statue of Liberty is fenced off, and only those who buy tickets can enter.

After entering, you can choose to climb the stairs or take the elevator up. Most people choose to take the elevator, so they have to queue. If you don’t want to wait, you can climb the stairs as exercise.

After reaching the base level, there will be a terrace where you can go out and walk around the Statue of Liberty, but from here you can only photograph the skirt corner of the goddess.

The circle was over in one go, and there were a lot of people, so we went downstairs to the outside square to take a look. The biggest advantage of buying a ticket to visit the base is that you can take a close-up photo of the Statue of Liberty in the square downstairs, and few people can take a good photo without having to grab a seat.

If you only buy a ticket to visit the island, you can only watch as far away as these people who are blocked by the railings.

There is also a museum dedicated to the Statue of Liberty on the island, which displays a lot of information.

The schematic diagram of the inside of the goddess statue, the goddess’s body is actually a layer of stairs, the crown that was missed this time is to climb all the way up the stairs like this.

The torch that was replaced, after reading the introduction, I realized that the torch of the Statue of Liberty had been changed in many shapes.

The original plan was to visit Ellis Island after visiting the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, it took longer than we expected to queue for security check. After we visited Liberty Island, it was close to the time for the last boat. I was going to take the boat back. In fact, I found out that it would take a lot of time just to wait for the boat to dock. People who want to go to both islands must spend more time so that they will not leave regrets like us. In addition, when returning, you can freely choose to go back to Battery Park or Liberty State Park. You do not have to return to the place of departure. When queuing up to take the boat back, remember to confirm which side the boat is heading for before boarding!