Antelope Canyon trip for a family of four

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We left Qingdao with a family of four and had a direct flight to Las Vegas with a connecting flight in Beijing. After resting in Las Vegas for one night, we started our trip to the Antelope Canyon.

We signed up for a day tour, and the bus picked us up directly in front of the hotel in the morning, which was very convenient. After a four-hour drive from Las Vegas to Page, we finally arrived at Antelope Canyon, which was exactly what we had imagined.

Antelope Canyon is located in the northernmost part of Arizona, USA, about thirty kilometers from the small town of Page, and is the territory of the Navajo people, the largest tribe of Indians in North America. It used to be the habitat of wild antelope, and was named after the wild antelope that frequented the canyon. The total length of the canyon is about 400 meters, and the distance between the two sides of the valley top is narrow, but the vertical distance from the top to the bottom is up to ten meters. The slit canyon is divided into two separate sections, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. The Upper Antelope Canyon is also known as the “rift” and the Lower Antelope Canyon as the “spiral”. The light is entirely natural light refracted through the red rock crevices at different depths into the cave, so the light changes all the time, and the colors are different at different times of the year, and even at different angles every day.

Therefore, the time to visit Antelope Canyon is very important to study. The Antelope Canyon can be bought on site or booked online in advance. We were too bothered to sign up for a one-day tour from Las Vegas to the Antelope Canyon, and the time we visited was 11:45 pm because the Antelope Canyon is most beautiful only when the sun shines directly near the bottom.

There are some “unspoken rules” about the Antelope Canyon as follows.

  1. You can’t visit Antelope Canyon by yourself, you have to sign up for a tour organized by the local Navajo people to enter. There are two types of tours, one is a regular sightseeing tour and the other is a photography tour, so you can choose according to your needs.
  2. Antelope Canyon is divided into Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is on the ground, which is more convenient to visit and has more tourists; Lower Antelope Canyon is underground, which requires climbing up and down when visiting, and has fewer tourists.
  3. the upper Antelope Canyon is best to book in advance (the upper Antelope Canyon is not long, the total length is about 150 meters.) It is said that the peak season, especially the peak season, the prime time to book a few months in advance. There are several travel agencies to choose from, so you can choose according to your situation.

Because we do not have professional equipment, we can only choose ordinary group ~ we are now waiting inside the shed assembly roll call, and then by different guides leading the caravan, just like Thailand’s pickup caravan, the guide took us to drive a desert road, and then came to the entrance of the Antelope Canyon.

This is where we entered a fantasy world. If you are taking pictures with your cell phone, remember to adjust the warm colors, and you can change several parameters to get a different flavor.

Remind everyone, in the upper Antelope Canyon there will be fine sand falling inside, it is recommended that the best preparation of dust cover, of course, we did not prepare nothing unusual, or just in case is better !