Drinking to the fullest: Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Antelope Canyon – Horseshoe Bay

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We actually took only 2 days to go from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bay and back to Las Vegas.

DAY 1 Los Angeles – Las Vegas

When we arrived in Las Vegas, it was already evening, because we had been here before, so we didn’t watch the show and eat buffet, we strolled around Las Vegas Strip and went to have dinner.

DAY 2 Las Vegas – Hoover Dam – Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

Departed Las Vegas early in the morning and drove less than an hour to Hoover Dam. When you are almost at Hoover Dam, there is a big arrow pointing to a building on the left with a capital P! Don’t turn left into that building! There is a parking fee of $10 for those who need to park below Hoover Dam to see the power plant or something. Of course, if you are a professor of hydroelectric power generation, architects, structural engineers, want to take a good look is no problem.

Okay next I’ll talk about why just don’t go.

We saw the parking instructions, immediately and honestly turned left to pay 10 yuan parking, parking are parked, downstairs to the ticket office, there are 10, 15 and 30usd tickets, 30usd tickets are only available at 3 pm, 10usd tickets to the bottom of the dam, so we bought 15usd tickets, you can go into the bottom of the Hoover Dam to see. The tour included a 10-minute film and a 30-minute presentation on the power plant and interior. I fell asleep during the 10 minute movie. After that, our guide was very enthusiastic and took the elevator 45 floors down to the ground floor, and introduced us to the inside of the dam, the power plant, and how to supply electricity. Showed us the pipes that deliver water.

If you do not want to buy a ticket to see the dam introduction ah inside ah power plant ah, believe me! Do not turn in at the stop indication! Drive straight! Drive straight! Drive straight! Then there will be free parking ahead, so you can take pictures and go.

Leave Hoover Dam and go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (4.5-5 hours drive).

Go into the Grand Canyon National Park Buy the ticket, 30usd a car, gave a map, introduction, car itinerary and newspaper. We stayed at Bright Angel Lodge, a cabin inside the National Park, and after checking in, we dropped our bags and started the bus tour. There are a total of 4 lines inside the Grand Canyon Park, blue orange red and purple, the best attractions are in the orange line and the red line, the purple line is just leading to the south gate of the general driving words will not go to ride at all, the map I also put below for reference, I do not know if I can see clearly. Although it’s already the end of April, we arrived when it was still drifting light snow and the lowest temperature was below zero.
I looked at the online guide before coming, and I couldn’t figure out the various points with strange names, but with this map, it’s clear. We watched the sunset in Yaki, because the weather was not good, so it was not as beautiful as other people’s photos.

The hotel lobby has the sunrise and sunset times and weather for each day, so if you want to see the sunrise and sunset, check the time to go.

The Grand Canyon is really spectacular! There’s really no way not to praise nature’s masterpiece! In the lonely smoke straight sunset round by the north wind shivering are not willing to leave that slowly falling sunset. My colleagues have been to the glass bridge, a helicopter or something, said very ordinary, I have searched before, there should be far from the Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) beautiful. I have been to quite a few places, but the Grand Canyon really shocked me, more hard and sweeping than the photos. I hope you have the opportunity to have time to drive to the South Rim Oh ~ really no opportunity to go to the glass bridge there.

DAY 3 Grand Canyon National Park – Antelope Canyon – Horseshoe Bay – Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon is still snowing, but when we left the sun came out and the fog lifted, it was a lot prettier. In fact, I took a lot of pictures, but they all look pretty much the same.

The Grand Canyon stroll around, if you just take a picture of each point for a little while, it is estimated that 1 full day is enough, walking around without rushing, the time is not good control. If you hike along the Angel Trail, you must pay attention to safety! I saw that the Grand Canyon is posted everywhere with a search notice.

After a short stroll around the Grand Canyon, we drove to Antelope Canyon at around 9am.

We went to the Upper Antelope Canyon and had to sign up for a tour with locals. The best time is from 11:00-13:00 (peak hour) when there is light coming into the Antelope Canyon, if you want to go with the peak hour that day, generally speaking there is no group. We booked 2 tours online in advance, 12:00 noon and 13:30, the price should be the same.

After arriving at the round location on time, we paid the money and waited for the guide to call the name of the car.

The sand was a little bit on the way, the mouth and eyes will be into the sand, but actually not as big as the legend, not wrapped tightly with a bandana also does not matter.

I had high expectations for Antelope Canyon, but when I got there, objectively speaking, the customer experience was actually bad. The whole crowd, the enemy into my retreat, you down I up, you chase me, non-stop, has been pushed by wave after wave of people keep going keep going. Take pictures to shoot out more beautiful than the fact to see. I saw people from the photography group, long guns and short tripods waiting for that light. We also shot a small beam of light, it was not a bad trip. When we got out of Antelope Canyon and got off at the meeting place, we had to tip the guide.

I think the guide said that the Lower Antelope Canyon is more beautiful, no reservations, cheaper, and less crowded! I hope you can go to the Lower Antelope Canyon if possible.


  1. Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the same time zone, the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon in the same time zone, the two time zones are different by 1 hour. But when we went from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, the time on our phone didn’t change. I don’t know why. If you know the answer, please tell me! When we drove from the Grand Canyon to the Antelope Canyon, the time on our cell phones was suddenly an hour late (we had booked 12:00 and arrived at 13:00), but when we arrived at the Antelope Canyon, the Antelope Canyon staff told us that it was still 12:00. I asked a curious student who also likes to get to the bottom of this problem, Daxiang, and I didn’t think she had really researched it! That’s because Indians are capricious. They don’t want to bother with changing the time every year. That’s why there’s no daylight saving time in the Indian jurisdiction, it’s always winter time. So there is no time difference between Antelope Canyon and Las Vegas in the summer, but there is a one hour time difference in the winter. So go to the students must grasp the time Oh! ~But the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas why there is no time difference is really not known.
  2. before leaving remember to go to the bathroom Oh ~ from the departure to come back in about 1.5 hours, there is no bathroom during this time.
  3. photography enthusiasts must never don’t change lenses inside the Antelope Canyon! I saw a strategy to set up a tripod in it, back after all the click!

After the Antelope Canyon, we drove to Horseshoe Bay. The weather was great and the scenery was beautiful all the way.

Horseshoe Bay is not far from Antelope Canyon, about half an hour to get there. Be sure to bring water after you park the car, you need to walk about 3 kilometers back and forth in the desert. Look at the strategy said that every year, people fall down in order to take pictures, so be careful when you arrive, the wind is very strong, must not be too close to the edge. In the walk to Horseshoe Bay also saw someone with a dog to the road. It’s so loving!

Horseshoe Bay is truly beautiful, recommended! Worth a visit!

After the Horseshoe Bay, we drove back to Las Vegas, to Las Vegas is also to the evening.