Continuing on the road, Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Horseshoe Bay – Antelope Canyon gorgeous tour

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After the Fairbanks Aurora trip, we went from the tundra to the desert – Las Vegas. Arriving in LV, it was a reunion! This time less awe and more familiarity! The most important thing is that this time we could make up for all the regrets we had last time.

In the evening, I watched a long-awaited O show. Although it was actually an acrobatic show, it was also a luxurious feast, beautiful, with aerial stunts and light-hearted funny parts, feeling that each actor was performing with his life.

The next day, check out of the hotel, leave Nevada, and depart for Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. After a 4.5 hour drive from Las Vegas, we finally arrived!

The Grand Canyon of Colorado was formed 70 million years ago, and its grandeur needs no explanation, but only the south rim is open in winter, the north rim is closed. After watching the sunset, only then did I give up and come out. Then, I finally had a good meal because I’ve been on the road, and I’ve had 4 burgers in a row. From BurgerKing, Mc, ShackShack to Subway, I feel like I have eaten all the burgers in America.

The most important tip I forgot to share is that the Grand Canyon tickets are $30 per car, and then the tickets are valid for a week, so you can enter and exit unlimited times during the week. So, we went out of our way to get up early to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon.

After breakfast at the hotel, we left the Grand Canyon.

Next trip, Peggy, the location of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bay. The two sites are very close to each other, about 15 minutes drive. The only attraction that requires a fee is Antelope Canyon, because it belongs to the Indians, not the U.S. National Park, each person needs to join a group for 40 yuan (must be enrolled in a group to enter the Antelope Canyon, private cars are not allowed to enter da) according to their own online reservation time, to the travel agency collection, by the Indian guide to take us together, a medium-sized truck into the line of about 12 people.

The tips for everyone in Antelope Canyon are: always wear a mask, always wear a bandana! Definitely! Definitely! Definitely! Because, all the way is sand, all the sand, all the sand!!!

Although ate a lot of sand, but the Antelope Canyon is still worth a visit, especially for photographers, it is a photography mecca! The change of light and shadow, so stunning! Nature has long given it splendid colors!

In fact, before waiting to go to Antelope Canyon, I already went to Horseshoe Bay to hit the card! I was still shivering when my feet were sticking out. After going to Antelope Canyon, I went to Horseshoe Bay until sunset. We sat on the rocks and saw the sun go down and fade out of sight, and the foreigners applauded! It was still a great feeling.

Day 4, we left Peggy and went back to Las Vegas. So, it really was all the way!