Mysterious Antelope Canyon, a gift from the creator

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A promise, a trip, a reunion. I promised amy that I would go to America to play with her before I turned 30, and finally on my 28th birthday, I saved up enough money to go to America, so I took my mom along for the trip ~ the highlight of the trip was Antelope Canyon, we started from Las Vegas, a day round trip, although some of us were still not satisfied, but the Antelope Canyon brought us a visual shock, enough to make our trip worthwhile.

After breakfast, we checked out of the room, and our trip to the western United States officially kicked off. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside the car window, I felt beautiful in my heart.

After 4 hours of driving, we finally arrived at Antelope Canyon. We chose the refrigerator stickers at the visitor center, and it was almost time to gather. Antelope Canyon is an Indian reserve, so you can’t go there by yourself, the only way is to sign up for a tour. Generally, a group of about a dozen people will gather at the visitor center and be driven in by an Indian guide.

The Upper Antelope Canyon, is located on the ground and has more visitors; the Lower Antelope Canyon is located under the ground and requires climbing metal stairs to go deeper into the ground, and some ropes may be needed to finish it.

There are no excessive requirements for ordinary tourists, while professional photographers must have a tripod and camera.

About tipping: Before our group checks in, there is a traditional Indian performance. The performer will take a jar to perform in the crowd. If you like its performance, you can put the tip into the jar. When the bus returns to the visitor center, the guide will send the people in charge off safely and signal goodbye ~ in order to show appreciation, it is best to prepare change before getting off the bus oh.

Sitting in a big open top truck, looking at the scenery along the road. Upon arrival, the guide will make an appointment with visitors before entering the valley, in fact, there is a purpose: do not run around, all listen to the command.

When you first enter the valley, these chic rock lines quickly steal sight, but even more amazing is that when you take out the camera to focus on it, you will be surprised to find that under the sunlight, the original earth-red rock walls have a different glow, is completely in the magic well. Under the guidance of the guide, these rocks have a more vivid connotation.

Because of the large flow of the Antelope Canyon, so the way back to take pictures is not allowed. If you do not die, still want to shoot and happen to be seen by the guide aunt, then you can only congratulate you, the jackpot. After all, the eyesight of this thing is not everyone has.

In the afternoon, we reluctantly said goodbye to the sunny page, continued to run to the next destination……