A trip for five: Las Vegas departs to visit the Antelope Canyon

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Since my dear LK went to the United States, he has been inviting me to go with him to play, and after almost a year of procrastination, he finally made up his mind in August 2014 and started to apply for a visa at the end of August, signed it in two weeks, booked the tickets, and left on September 23, returning on October 7, a 15-day trip. The price of airline tickets was unexpectedly cheap, and this was another trip that I said I was going to take, so I didn’t even book in advance. The visa is also incredibly smooth, very fast, prepared a lot of information, the visa officer did not look at anything, I also did not open a certificate of deposit, very smoothly through.

How to say it, our trip to the western United States may not be the same as most people’s route, Antelope Canyon I will certainly not miss, but time is very limited, so the route is not so perfect, it may seem to be more around. But these are not important. The important thing is that LK and I have not been together for such a long time since we separated in high school, and we are really happy.

I scheduled the Antelope Canyon trip for the last day, and after we arrived in Las Vegas for a night’s rest, we drove to Page early the next morning.

Again, why was I so obsessed with going to the Antelope Canyon? After I decided to go to the US, I searched the internet for photos of the gods, and I was totally blown away by the light of paradise shot in Antelope Canyon! I thought I’d go anyway, but the plan always catches up with the changes, and I blame my photography skills for the limitations.

In addition, the Antelope Canyon is a state national park, so the national park pass bought before here is not available, you have to buy a new ticket, and then go into the Antelope Canyon must be reported to the local people’s group, before you can enter, and so is the Indian circle to collect money.

If you want to enroll in a photography group, you must bring a tripod, or you will certainly be driven to the general group. But I want to take the kind of beautiful photos, and must be reported to the photography group. Because there are several cars at once, about 20 to 30 people at a time into the Antelope Canyon, and then inside the super small, completely domestic attractions crowded scene. This time the role of the photography group will appear. First of all, he than the ordinary group to more than an hour of sightseeing time; in addition, the photography group guide will help you to drive away the crowd, and then the ordinary group of guides will also stop their own team of people, to the photography group empty space to take pictures.

Of course, there is no limit to stop the crowd, so the time to take pictures should be particularly fast hands, there is no time for you to slowly adjust the parameters, the guide will also count down: 54321, and then the crowd will clamor to come out. When taking pictures is really like a war, super tired, a lot of scenery is required low camera position. Then you will be a variety of squatting, a variety of lying, no image to speak of …… this time practice taekwondo when the accumulated thigh muscle endurance will show the advantage. As LK and buns do not have tripods, so we had to separate, but we still met unexpectedly in the Valley.

This day, due to a long delay in buying team uniforms in Las Vegas, we arrived at the page later than expected. After arriving at the motel that looks exactly like the American drama and settling our luggage, we went out to find food. We found a barbecue restaurant that actually had the same type of barbecue ribs as Freddi in House of Cards, and we ordered one on purpose, which was really quite delicious. Also, we wore the team uniforms we bought at A&E, which attracted a lot of attention from the American people when we went out to eat. The old Frenchman and woman sitting next to us watched us from the moment we entered the restaurant. Every now and then, they would talk to us in English with a strong French accent.

The first stop on the page is Horseshoe Bay ~ the Colorado River in the magical American continent traveled a bay, we reached the time exactly noon, plus a light reducing lens will not control the exposure, either the river is too dark, or the sky overexposed …… Horseshoe Bay itself is very far from the parking spot, so remind fellow women who love beauty or do not wear high heels! out.

From Horseshoe Bay, we went straight to Antelope Canyon. Our tour guide, an Indian guy, said it was his first time to lead a group on his own.

Before entering the valley, we organized our equipment and set up our tripods!

Antelope Canyon, look at the photos to see the different colors, and gorgeous red, just go in when you simply can not believe their eyes, black, nothing can be seen, then understand why people do not let the photography group without a tripod to participate. No tripod, long explosion, you simply can not shoot.

After the end of the Antelope Canyon war-like shooting, we will be fast to go back, have to rush back to Las Vegas accommodation, the next morning, we have to return to the trip.