2017 US West Coast 13-Day Self-Driving – Redemption Mountain Antelope Canyon Los Angeles Real Guns and Live Ammunition Super Complete Raiders

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Love travel, love life, love all new and beautiful things! There are too many happy moments in life, which will be blurred in memory after a long time. I hope to use words and pictures to record my two-week trip to the west coast of the United States!

Considering the work, the time should not be too long! But the west of the United States is really big enough, so you need to abandon some scenic spots and put the most wanted places on the itinerary! The itinerary in Huangshi will not be considered directly. So our itinerary is basically the first and second days Los Angeles, the third day Las Vegas, the fourth day Kingman Williams ,the fifth day Grand Canyon, the sixth day Peggy Horseshoe Bend Antelope Canyon, Day 7 Bishop Yosemite, Day 8 Yosemite San Francisco ,Day 9 San Francisco, 10 Stanford Highway 1 Monterey, Day 11 Highway 1 Denmark Village, the twelfth day in Los Angeles was originally planned for Universal Studios, but the itinerary was temporarily changed to Salvation Mountain . The thirteenth day in Los Angeles went home.

The advantage of free travel is that you can change the itinerary at any time! Surprises are everywhere.

The trip officially begins . The 13-hour long-distance flight is not boring at all!

Watched three movies on the plane, drank beer, and ate lo mei! Take a nap, we will be there soon.

After leaving the airport, follow the signs and quickly find the shuttle bus from Alamo Company. After ten minutes, you will arrive at the lobby of the car rental company. Since the full insurance has been purchased, the staff did not sell any more. After the quick processing, we entered the parking lot to choose a car.

Enter the designated area of ​​the parking lot staff and start to choose randomly. We originally rented the Escape Overseas Edition (of course we drive a pure-blooded American car in the United States)! Turns out there was a Ford Explorer but it was too big for the two of us! After circling a few laps in the parking lot, I finally saw this Nissan Rogue! It’s the right size, with a little over 20,000 kilometers! It’s just a convertible in the next few days anyway.

After picking up the car, navigate directly back to the hotel.

The biggest feeling of driving on the first day is that the speed of the car is really fast. I feel weak when I am frequently overtaken! But we soon discovered that no matter how fast the vehicle is, it does not change lanes at will. At the intersection, turning vehicles will always be courteous and straight vehicles!

After a night of rest, I woke up very early the next day. After all, I was still full of excitement on the first day!

After walking around on the Avenue of Stars for more than an hour, it’s almost time to go! Then drove to the gun station.

The meter is still very convenient. It costs two knives an hour, and the fee will be deducted directly by inserting the card. Discount with credit card.

Soon the navigation came to the long-awaited gun round, because we went to the earlier gun round to rest in the morning. Waiting at the door for a while, the staff are still posing with guns! (The Gun Club is the famous Gun Club in Los Angeles. Just use Google to search for the name. The price is very reasonable. It is recommended to check the business hours and holiday hours on the official website before going.)

As more and more Chinese people come here to experience, there are two Chinese-speaking service staff in the gun bureau. After explaining in detail the precautions for using a gun, checking the passport, and signing the safety notice, the staff gave us a basket with bullets and pistols in the basket. Remember to hold the gun with the muzzle up at any time!

Look at Fatty Hai’s marksmanship is still very good, all the misses were shot by me. Two people with 70 rounds of ammunition, one pistol (Beretta 92F) , one rifle (HK416) for a total of 85 knives! The price is also close to the people. Fatty Hai got his wish on the first day, haha, he will start working soon! Served as the driver, translator, photographer , assistant for this trip… I came to Santa Monica Beach in the afternoon .

The blue sky, the white sandy beach against the sun, is extraordinarily beautiful! The gentle breeze brushed everyone’s faces~ Under the humorous musical instruments played by street performers, the pace slowed down… The people of the United States are really happy to enjoy such a beautiful beach and breathe such fresh air every day!

The waves are coming and going, enjoying the California sunshine. We played like this all afternoon. When we get back to the shore, of course we will try the Forrest Gump Shrimp.

The business is very hot. Of course , there are branches in many cities in the United States,
but it is perfect to watch the sunset and the sea breeze blowing on the Pacific coast. It is perfect. After dinner, find a supermarket to buy some drinks and prepare to go to the Griffith Observatory to see the night view of Los Angeles.

Because of the popular filming of La La Land, many young people and photography enthusiasts come here.

Unfortunately, Griffith Observatory is not open that day, sorry to stay until next time…

It gets dark earlier in the United States , and after eight o’clock, there are basically no people except the city center. After a day of playing and jet lag, we were sleepy by nine o’clock. I had a rest early and the sky was getting brighter at 6 o’clock the next day. After packing up, I set off immediately. Today I need to drive about four hours to reach Las Vegas .

Along the way, I met a lot of big trucks and various kinds of Optimus Prime. It was really cool. After passing through the desolate desert, a high-rise sports car helicopter appeared bit by bit….

The scenes of the movie appeared in front of me for several hours. Self-driving does not feel tired. Arrive at MGM Hotel soon.

The hotel parking staff enthusiastically took the keys and helped us unload the luggage. The service of the big hotel is really comfortable, and of course the tip must be in place!

When entering the lobby, a group of reporters surrounded it, and then a stretched sports car arrived, as if a world-class boxing champion had arrived. I took a few glances through the gaps in the crowd, haha, it’s my ignorance and ignorance…

Then I went to the lobby, checked in and walked through the casino shopping mall and two long corridors.

As the sky gradually darkened, we went back to the room to change our clothes and
played a few games in the casino.

Next, we went to experience this passionate city that never sleeps. The temperature at night is a little cooler. Just after leaving the hotel gate, we turned right and passed by a field of flowers and trees. A zombie appeared inside and stood up. Roaring at me for a while… Nima, I was really scared to death! ! ! The brain is blank, and the ears also appear intermittent blindness! Hey, the special effect makeup of this street performer is really too good, Las Vegas just like this is full of heartbeats!

The next day I slept until I woke up naturally and continued to set off. Today’s destination is Williams.

In the small town of Williams, I tried the famous Mexican food for the first time! The result is really disappointing. I don’t know how there is such a bad sauce that tastes like sour kimchi water!
I didn’t bother to take pictures because it was too bad to eat.

Williams is really small, the whole town has only one street! Start early at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Buy a ticket at the entrance and enter, and the fee is 30 US dollars per car.

If you have enough time and need to visit multiple national parks, you can buy a national park annual pass. You can enter and exit multiple national parks for free for 80 US dollars per car. It is also very cost-effective.

After parking the car, transfer to the special line in the park to start the tour. The most classic scenery on the southern edge is basically on the red line, so you need to take the blue line first and then transfer to the red line.

The weather is too early and there are not too many people, lamenting the uncanny workmanship of nature.

The tour took about two hours. The weather suddenly changed and began to hail. Half an hour later, the sky was clear again…God’s face really changed.

The scenery of the Grand Canyon really needs to experience the beauty that the camera cannot capture one-tenth! If you have enough time, you can take a helicopter to have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the visit!

You can also take the train to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at Williams.

Let’s go next, Peggy you can watch the sunset at Horseshoe Bend while it’s still early.

When I saw Horseshoe Bay for the first time, I was overjoyed. I had thought about it many times in my heart and used all the styles! As soon as I went up, I just lay down and looked at the professional photographers next to me. My husband angrily scolded for taking pictures. You don’t have to worry about your life! In fact, when I think about it later, I am still quite scared. Such a dangerous scenic spot does not have any protective measures, so if it falls… But taking so many beautiful photos is really worth a lifetime of aftertaste.

After sunset, I slowly bid farewell to Horseshoe Bend I was so excited that I could n’t calm down for a long time. Such a beautiful and magnificent scenic spot is actually free. . There are only a handful of restaurants in the entire town! After dinner, I went to the only relatively large supermarket in the town, and it was empty! People, people, tranquility is really scary. It’s better to go back to the room early to feel safe!

After a night of full sleep, the next day is really refreshed! I couldn’t wait to set off at six o’clock, because the Antelope Canyon didn’t open until nine o’clock, so I just strolled around Lake Powell!

The oxygen content in the air is too high, and I met many morning joggers along the way! Enthusiastically said morning! The good mood of the whole day is oncoming.

After eight o’clock, there are already many vehicles and crowds waiting in the Lower Antelope Canyon! All to see the beauty of Antelope Canyon!

Due to the large number of people buying tickets on the spot, we basically didn’t go in until noon. I am still very happy to get rid of the boring waiting. At noon in the Lower Antelope Canyon after September, you can see a short beam of light!

It is recommended that those who have enough time choose to buy tickets on the website in advance. Our time is relatively close. When booking tickets on the website, we did not see that we can choose a specific time period, so we decided to choose the time after communicating with the staff on the spot.

After a long wait, at noon, the Indian guide finally led us into the Lower Antelope Canyon! The Antelope Canyon belongs to the Indian tribe and private entry is not allowed. The Lower Antelope Canyon is accompanied by certain dangers. So the tour guide explained some safety precautions and explained the formation principles of Antelope Canyon and the like! Anyway, it’s all in English, and I can only half-guess the numbers through his explanation! If you don’t understand, ask your husband to translate. Poor English is simply a disadvantage. My husband also asked me jokingly: I don’t regret it after I didn’t study hard before. When you are studying, you should listen carefully to what the teacher said……I am deaf and dumb when I arrive in the United States……I am also drunk with such a husband.

When entering the Lower Antelope Canyon, the tour guide repeatedly emphasized that you should grab the handrails on both sides and don’t take pictures! But I still took a few photos secretly, and my legs became weak after I took them. The escalator at the bottom of the valley is almost completely vertical at 90 degrees! If you don’t hold it firmly, you will fall if you are not careful! So I’d better walk to the flat road and take pictures honestly.

The Indian tour guide is very friendly, and will help us take a few beautiful photos when we walk to the perfect shooting spot! For the first time we saw this turning scene, we really kept sighing! It is worthy of being one of the top ten photography paradises in the world. People from all over the world come here admiringly. The beauty of nature needs to be experienced personally!

Thank you, funny and kind Indian brother, see you again! The Antelope Canyon that I have been thinking about has finally come to a successful conclusion!

The rest of the trip was supposed to go back to Russ to Yosemite! However, due to our previous strategy not being careful enough, we successfully missed the best-preserved section of Kingman and Route 66! So we changed the itinerary arbitrarily and decided to return to Kingman to ride Route 66.

The advantage of free travel is that you can adjust the time and itinerary at any time. Who told us to have a road plot? Let’s go.

Listening to music and passing through one town after another, walking on Route 66 with the sunset is a great experience!

There is always a price to pay for temporarily changing the itinerary . It is already past eight o’clock in Kingman. This town is more cautious than Peggy at night. There is nothing else to see on the road except for houses and sparse vehicles! The only Chinese restaurant in town headed straight after searching on yelp. After a hot dinner, head to bed.

Since my husband was in a hurry to change the hotel temporarily, I booked a cabin in a caravan camp! Arriving at the campsite is already dark and the invisible road campsite is located in an open park in Kingman! very quiet.

Wake up in a park with a high content of negative oxygen ions and keep going.

Kingman is also the prototype of Cars, filled with No. 66 elements and American car culture with individuality!

Bishop, near Yosemite, has beautiful scenery . In the small town, there are a lot of Mexicans hanging out in a park next to a school! Just take a picture with your mobile phone without a color filter! Feel the beauty of nature at will Tomorrow, I need to drive 6 hours to reach San Francisco add some dry food in the supermarket!

Every day in the small town of Meixi, I have to ask my husband where is he? Where have people gone. Huge supermarket waiters, cashiers do not exceed 8 people.

The hamburger was really hard to swallow, and I found a Chinese restaurant that urgently needed soupy food to hang my life. This bowl of seafood noodles has saved my Sichuan stomach!

After resting at the motel in Kingman, I woke up early the next day. Today I need to arrive in San Francisco car. On the other hand , traffic jams in San Francisco are very serious. So take precautions and go before dawn.

The temperature is getting colder and colder near Yosemite! Her husband’s childlike innocence said that he wanted to have an intimate photo with Xiong. Well, no matter how cold it is, let your wish be fulfilled!

Due to the time relationship, Yosemite can’t stay, but it’s a pity to stay until next time! It would be nice to wait two or three years to bring the whole family to a national park caravan trip! After noon , the temperature near San Francisco picked up, and the traffic flow began to increase. We arrived in San Francisco .

The road began to narrow and climbed up the hills. When we arrived at the hotel, we put away our luggage and returned to the little black who accompanied us for a week. The hike started in San Francisco . Two-day rampage! To be honest, it is wise not to rent a car in San Francisco! It was the sea breeze from Fisherman’s Wharf that made me fascinated. Fortunately, I was young and resisted the cold wind with tenacious willpower .

The seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf is really good. You must try the light taste. This is a shop with a Chinese owner. You can pay with WeChat Alipay!

Opposite is Alcatraz, the time relationship and the wild sea breeze make me daunted! Feudal thoughts are playing tricks on the mind, good people should not visit the prison. Well, I saved some time for eating and drinking.

San Francisco gave me the overall feeling that it was the worst place on this trip to the West! The streets are untidy and there are homeless people everywhere! In the evening and because I didn’t rent a car, my dusk anxiety attack happened again! It takes about 40 minutes to walk back to the hotel from Fisherman’s Wharf and will pass through some remote neighborhoods on the way. Sparsely populated homeless people lying on the ground! Chinatown looks like a small county town in the 1990s, and it is also dirty and messy! So I have no interest in the Castro Street (Gay Street) that I planned to go to!

We are in San Francisco At the suggestion of a friend, we booked Hotel Rex next to Union Square in the city center! The hotel is small and exquisite.

Catch the Ding Ding car with the black driver’s hearty humor and laughter through the sometimes steep and sometimes gentle San Francisco neighborhoods!

After the trip to San Francisco, bye, I will never come to this city again, even if I come to the west of the United States, I will never come to San Francisco because you really chilled me enough.

The convertible version of the Ford Mustang that was originally ordered did not arrive at the store! It may take three hours if we wait , but the staff promptly offered to upgrade us to a Dodge Challenger and send us another tank of fuel. well that’s not bad.

We officially started our Highway No. 1 tour. The first stop, Stanford, is a prestigious school with a unique atmosphere. As soon as we entered the campus, there were childish and youthful college students riding bicycles with schoolbags and laughing in groups…I think I think most of my scumbag college life is dedicated to online games.

Thinking about it, if my son can go to a world-renowned school in the future, it will be a glorious ancestor… I have to think about how to cultivate a happy and full of personality.

The seaside restaurant doesn’t look very good and tastes delicious. The chef even came up to ask us if we enjoyed our meal! We answered positively, but we were a little dazed by the sea breeze, and we urgently needed two down jackets and hats!

About Denmark Village If you are a window control mini control, you will not be able to move your feet at all. There are many specialty boutiques in the town, and you need enough time to pay attention to them! What impressed me the most is that a gallery is not big, but it can be said that each painting is unique and has nothing to do with the world. Anyway, I like realism! The colors are bright and clean. The price is also cheap, I fancy a forest painting 1800 knives and it is huge! It is estimated that it will be laborious and laborious to bring it back, only to appreciate it carefully for a moment. Out of respect for the artist, no photos were taken!

The long trestle bridge feels like the end of the world. Our trip is coming to an end. The beautiful California coastline has brought us surprises, shock, joy and happiness….

Let’s take a photo with Dahei who has been with us for two days. I have been to the gas station several times and I was praised for being cool.

After a short seventeen-mile stroll in the morning, head to Los Angeles ! On the way, I was fascinated by a wild beach and got off the car for a few hours!

Highly recommended for shopping , Cammarit Outlets, which is only a few tens of miles away from Los Angeles, is full of goods! After 50% off Coach bags, 50% off and 15% off on all purchases over $500!
Feel free to feel that the price happiness index is too high!

Back in Los Angeles , my stubborn Sichuan stomach kicked in. I can no longer eat any Western food. I found homemade maocai on Yelp.

Fat intestines, profuse blood, hairy belly, have you seen it, it’s so kind! Finally returned half of the blood! As for the taste…

When I was doing the strategy, I stumbled across Salvation Mountain and was deeply attracted
by his stories and beautiful photos. So I changed the itinerary willfully and didn’t go to Universal and San Diego and went directly to Salvation Mountain!

The one-way trip from Los Angeles to Salvation Mountain is about three hours! The more than two hundred miles along the way are very desolate and the temperature is high, comparable to Death Valley!

You may be disappointed when you first meet her! She is not as stunning and shocking as in the photo! When you understand her story and observe carefully, you will not be disappointed. Nothing is more valuable than faith!

On the way back to Los Angeles , it is close to the Mexican border! Passing through a checkpoint with more than a dozen cameras, two German policemen with M4 rifles on their backs motioned for us to stop and took the big wolf dog around the car! And seriously ask where are we going? What are you going to do? Is the car rented? Which country are you from… After answering a series of questions, let us pass with a slight smile!

Then speeding on the open road, there is a section of the speed limit of 55 miles. Maybe my husband became numb and relaxed in the last two days, or maybe the road is really easy to walk, and there are basically no cars. Soared to about 85 miles in one go. At the moment when we didn’t notice, a police car on the opposite side quickly turned around and followed our car after right or wrong with us, and sounded the alarm! This time, my husband said that he was being watched by the traffic police. We had no choice but to slow down and pull over, open the window and wait for the arrival of the traffic police uncle. When I saw the policeman Shu Li approaching, I put my head out of the car window and said Hello Sir! Shu Li put his right hand on his waist and touched the gun, and he was so gentle that he said hello… Then he walked to the window and lowered his head and told us kindly that we were speeding. Well, my husband admitted his mistake in time, and then said that he accidentally forgot, with a very correct attitude. Shu Li checked our passports and rental car documents and told us again that the speed limit on this road is 55 miles! We smiled and agreed, and were lucky to escape without being fined. overall feeling american police for asian The tourists with faces are still very friendly, but unfortunately they were too nervous and forgot to take a photo with the handsome police uncle.

Warm tips: Since Salvation Mountain is located on the U.S.-Mexico border, please take all your documents with you before traveling.

There are more tourists in the desert outlet tour group, and the discount is generally good for a small shopping.

Finally, let’s look at the beach in Santa Monica. I really like Los Angeles . It looks like a big rural house, basically no more than three floors, except that parking in the urban area is also very convenient . I
prefer the beautiful weather and the air with high oxygen content every day!

I will come again.