Yellowstone Loop Self-driving Tour in the United States – Antelope Canyon

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Today is the last day of the Yellowstone Loop self-driving plan. There are many trips. First, we will visit a dam on the nearby Colorado River, then visit the Antelope Canyon, pass through Horseshoe Bend, and finally return to Los Angeles .

Not far from the city of PAGE, you will come to the Clen Canyon Dam viewing point. The whole dam is very spectacular under the blue sky and white clouds, it is worth a visit.

About an hour later, we drove to Antelope Canyon, planning to visit at the best time at noon, because the best effect can be seen in direct sunlight at noon. The Antelope Canyon visit is divided into the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon, and you must join a local group to enter. Because we decided temporarily, we only found an ordinary group in the Lower Antelope Canyon and there are still 6 places to participate.

Antelope Canyon is located in the Indian tribal reservation, so you need to pay a certain fee when you enter by car, which is also one of the few fees in the driving experience in the United States. After entering, it feels like a desert, and there is nothing special about it. It wasn’t until the local Indian guide led a walk for a while that I suddenly saw a narrow ground crack in front of me. It was not conspicuous, but the magic of nature was hidden in it.

Before going down, the tour guide will tell tourists how to set the parameters of mobile phones and cameras. It turns out that for ordinary tourists, it is most convenient to use IPHONE to set up, and I feel that the shooting effect looks the best. Because the time we chose was exactly at noon, and the sun was just right, the light was very suitable for visiting and taking pictures, good luck. In fact, the naked eye does not feel that there is anything special, but the photos taken are incomparably beautiful and dazzling. It is no wonder that many tourists have rated it as a photographer’s paradise. The photos I took are just average.

About an hour later, after swimming the entire Lower Antelope Canyon, and returning to the ground, the tour guide told everyone to close their mouths and hold their breath as soon as they came out of the closed seam. Accidentally full of sand.

After leaving Antelope Canyon, we drove to the last scenic spot of this trip: Horseshoe Bend. The car can only drive to a free roadside parking lot outside the viewpoint. After getting off the car, we found that we still have to walk for about 50 minutes. So we walked in the Gobi under the scorching sun in the afternoon. It took nearly two hours to go back and forth, which was very tiring. . But it’s all worth it for the view.

On-street parking, the entire attraction is free.

After admiring the beautiful scenery of Horseshoe Bend, we drove back to Los Angeles . I had dinner in Las Vegas , and finally returned to Los Angeles via Bastogne. , Ended this Huangshi Loop self-driving tour. When we stopped at a gas station in Bastogne for a short break, two cars suddenly stopped on both sides of the car almost at the same time. There were a few Central American people sitting in the car on the left, and some black people got off in the car on the right. They are all tall and big, and it feels like they have blocked the surrounding light all at once, and the person in the car on the left just threw an empty pizza box out, which feels very rude and makes us feel a little unsafe, but fortunately, there is no What accident happened, but it was indeed a little scary at the time.

This self-driving Huangshi loop took a total of 7 days and a total journey of more than 5,000 kilometers. Overall, it was very smooth. The luck along the way was also good, the weather was also good, and there were many interesting things. The partners had a great time.

After finishing the self-driving tour around the circle, our American partner will start to work tomorrow. So from tomorrow onwards, we will start to travel independently for two people, mainly visiting the West Coast of the United States, especially going into the lives of several local people, which is very interesting.