9-day trip to the west of the United States to meet the most beautiful scenery

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A walk-and-go trip, experienced the luxury of Las Vegas, felt the hottest surface temperature in Death Valley, tried the steepest trail in Zion National Valley Park, admired the peculiar landscape of Horseshoe Bend, and marveled In the beautiful light and shadow of Antelope Canyon, I am impressed by the vastness and magnificence of the Grand Canyon.

Introduction to the itinerary – full of dry goods~

D1: The seven -colored stones of Seven Magic Mountain are about 30 minutes away from Las Vegas by car. The stones are gorgeous in the sun and are very suitable for taking pictures~recommended index.Tickets for David Copperfield and the next day’s strip show were booked at, you can compare the prices, and tickets for weekends should be booked early, otherwise the good seats will be easily snatched away up. And if you choose the seat well, you may even interact with Copperfield~ Watching the magic show live is quite shocking.

D2: Death Valley National Park, if Fantasy goes to more than three national parks, it is more cost-effective to buy an annual pass. We just planned 3 national parks this time, so we first bought an annual pass for America the Beautiful Annual Pass $80 at Furnace Creek Visitor Center in Death Valley. If you do not buy an annual pass, it is $30.00 per car. Visiting attractions in Death Valley: Badwater Basin is a saltwater lake and the lowest point in North America; Artist’s Palette is a hill similar to a palette; Zabriskie Point is mainly yellow and wavy hills; Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes is a white desert. Except for the extreme heat, the scenery is still beautiful, and every scenic spot can be seen when you get off the bus. It is very friendly~Recommendation index Fantasy strip show is said to be a veteran show for 20 years. How can you come to Vegas to watch this less? As for the show, although the actors are relatively old, the performances of various themes are still a feast for the eyes.

D3: Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.The Valley of Fire is also one of the more popular attractions near Las Vegas. It takes more than two hours to drive and the ticket is 15 $ per car. The whole park is dominated by red rocks, the more famous attractions are: Fire Cave, Arch Rock, Atlatl Rock, Balanced Rock, Mouse’s Tank, Elephant Rock, Pastel (Pink) Canyon Trail. Because I saw a lot of red rocks along the way, I was not so excited. What’s more, this park is relatively unfriendly. The scenic spots can only be seen through trails of different lengths. This is an impossible task for us who are in more than 40 degrees, so we just strolled around. Recommendation Index Another Redstone Park has a similar scenery, and it is mainly a trail, but it is wider, and the annual pass mentioned before also includes this park, so you can still take a stroll if you have time~.

D4: Hoover Dam Lookout. This day was basically on the road. I went to the Hoover Dam from Vegas in the morning. After watching it, I drove all the way to La verkin.

D5: Zion National Park ticket is $35/car. After entering the park, I need to do a shuttle to go to various attractions. Let’s go Angel’s Landing Trailhead, although the road is steep, but definitely worth a try. There are other difficult trails, you can choose according to your own situation, the scenery is very beautiful. Such as Emerald Pools Trailhead, Big Bend Viewpoint, Observation Point, Riverside Walk Trailhead.

D6: Late Afternoon Kayak Tour, Glen Canyon Dam Overlook. The boating was booked at the travel agency of Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks, $150 for two people, starting at 2:30 pm, and ending at almost five o’clock. You need to go to the store to check the information 45 minutes in advance, and then go to a barge point in a park to gather by yourself.Unexpectedly, this park is also included in the annual pass, which saves a lot of money haha. The whole tour was led by the tour guide all the way along the canyon of Lake Powell. It was a wonderful experience~

D7: Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, Wahweap Overlook, Lone Rock Beach Horseshoe Bay tickets are $10/car, after parking Walk about 1 mile on the trail. When you arrive, you can take pictures along the edge of Horseshoe Bay where there are fewer people. Some places are quite steep, so be careful. The Antelope Canyon is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower, and you need to buy tickets separately. The previous guide basically said that the upper Antelope Canyon is more open, while the Lower Antelope Canyon needs to climb up and down stairs. I was still struggling with which one to go to, but when I bought the ticket, I found that there was no ticket for the Upper Antelope Canyon, so I didn’t have to worry about it, and quickly booked the Lower Antelope Canyon, otherwise I was afraid that there would be no tickets for this one. If you want to go, buy tickets early. In addition, try to choose around noon in the time period, the canyon seen under the sunlight is really beautiful! !

D8: Grand Canyon National Park tickets are $35/car. After entering the hospital, there is a parking area near the shuttle. After parking the car, bring plenty of water and some snacks to start a one-day tour of the Grand Canyon~~shuttle has three lines: red, blue, and orange. The popular attractions are basically concentrated in the red line, and the blue line mainly passes through different accommodation areas. , the orange line is farthest east. After research, we decided to take advantage of the relatively small number of people in the morning, take the blue line first, get off for a stroll if there are scenic spots we want to see in the middle, then transfer to the red line, concentrate on the red line, and finally go to the orange line. It should be noted that the stop points of the shuttle round-trip routes are not exactly the same, so you have to be optimistic about which line you want to visit on the round-trip route. Also, you must see the direction of the shuttle, don’t sit upside down, or you will have the opportunity to experience the shuttle back and forth. The Grand Canyon is really spectacular and vast, which makes people marvel at the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. Recommended index Popular attractions: Maricopa Point, Powell Point, Hopi Point, Mohave Point, The Abyss, Monument Creek Vista, Hermit’s Rest.

D9: The last day is from Page Drive back to Las Vegas , end this happy and happy little trip.

In the barren and extravagant Las Vegas, meet the most beautiful colorful stones

When you land at the airport, you can feel the entertainment atmosphere of Las Vegas. Gambling machines can be seen everywhere, which makes people eager to try~

After picking up the car at the airport, I went straight to the ramen restaurant. After all, I had breakfast before five o’clock in the morning, and I was already hungry. We went to JINYA Ramen Bar – Rainbow near the colorful stone direction, and ordered a ramen set, including a fried chicken, a chicken ramen and octopus balls. The taste is not bad, the price is not expensive, friends who like ramen can try it.

After eating and drinking enough, I went to the Colorful Rock to check in~ It took about 30 minutes to drive from Las Vegas. It is said that the stone will be removed in 2022, and friends who want to go should come to visit earlier. It still looks good in the sun, and it is a relatively popular photo spot for Internet celebrities. If you come in summer, you must be prepared for sun protection. There is no shade around the stone. My enthusiasm for taking pictures of concave shapes disappeared in ten minutes under the high temperature of more than 40 degrees. I took a few hasty photos and retreated. I was in the car with the air-conditioner blowing, drinking Ice Kuo, isn’t it delicious?

How can you miss the IN-N-OUT burger when you come to the west coast , and arrange dinner! ! I ordered the double package of the scenic spot and a vanilla milkshake. Crazy call for IN-N-OUT, it is the ceiling of the burger in my heart, it is really delicious! At the moment when I saw the photo, I still drool when I missed it.

There are also various shows that you can’t miss when you come to Las Vegas . The most classic ones are the O show by Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield’s magic show, and the strip show is also very exciting. After struggling for a long time, I finally decided to watch the magic show today and the strip show tomorrow, and then enjoy other performances when I have the opportunity.

David Copperfield Magic shows are held almost every day, but you still need to book early to get a good seat. During the show, the mobile phone should be placed in a small box in front of the seat, and photos and videos cannot be taken during the whole process. Although I know that magic is a performance of various tricks, it is the first time I watched it at such a close distance. I was shocked and excited.

when I saw the car, the big dinosaur and the spaceship. Participated in the performances of guessing numbers and changing cars. Although I only kept the keys and held the rope, it was an unforgettable experience to be able to interact with Copperfield!

What you can’t miss when you come to Vegas are hotels with different shapes. Not only the appearance is magnificent, but also the interior decoration of the hotel has its own characteristics. At night, you can also enjoy the musical fountain of the Bellagio. It should be once every half an hour. You can check it on the official website for details.

We also visited the MM bean and Coke factory, which is a large souvenir shop. People who like to eat MM beans should be very happy, because there is a whole wall of choices of various flavors! I originally planned to taste 16 flavors of cola in the cola factory, but it was closed late , so I could only go shopping and buy souvenirs.

Challenge the hottest death valley

It took more than two hours to drive from Vegas. Going to Death Valley in summer is really an extreme challenge for the body. Be sure to prepare plenty of ice water, coconut juice, etc., and take measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down. The friendliness of this park is that all scenic spots are visited immediately after getting off the bus. Even so, we only stayed at each scenic spot for about ten minutes, and we quickly returned to the car to cool down after taking pictures. Because the outside of the car was completely surrounded by heat waves, it was so hot that the mobile phone could not work under extreme temperatures. After I got in the car, I pointed the mobile phone to the air conditioner to help cool it . The production rate is very high, any shot will be a blockbuster haha~

I ate Canes fried chicken for dinner, the fried chicken strips are really delicious! ! The special sauce and the buns are delicious! miss it.

The Valley of Fire where you encounter antelope herds by chance

It’s only an hour away from Vegas. The most popular attraction is this ins-style brand, near Elephant Rock.

The group of antelopes I met by chance, although I was very excited to see so many antelopes at once, I still took pictures from a distance and did not dare to get too close.

I went to Red Stone Valley in the afternoon. Although the scenery was okay, the photos taken on cloudy days were not so beautiful. This park is basically hiking, not very suitable for summer, so we only looked at a few scenic spots where we can get off the car and enjoy it directly.

I ate the sushi buffet at night, the taste was okay, but there is really only sushi, so I will be full after eating a few plates (you will be fined if you leave the rice in the sushi ) .

Zion Park—You deserve the beauty of climbing to the top

A new day starts with delicious tofu nao and rice balls. It’s been a long time since I had a Chinese breakfast. Although the taste of tofu nao is a bit strange, the rice balls and sesame cakes are both good~

I drove all the way to La verkin today, and I ate a delicious roadhouse at night. I miss it.

I got up early the next day and started the trip to Zion~~It was raining on the way yesterday, and I was worried that if it continued to rain today, the park might be closed. Fortunately, it cleared up today. Although there is no sun, it is lucky that it does not rain!

We chose the most famous and thrilling Angles landing. The last part of the road is to hold on to the iron chain, and there are cliffs on the left and right sides. Before I went, I still thought it was scary to watch the videos taken by others, but in line with the principle of “everyone is here”, I still have to try it. I also bought gloves to make it easier to catch the chain . After experiencing it myself, I don’t think it’s so scary. Just hold on to the chain, pay attention to the road under your feet, overcome your psychological fear, and believe in yourself.

After climbing to the top, there is a small platform where everyone will rest and recuperate, and eat some snacks to replenish their energy. Of course, the most important thing is to enjoy the beautiful scenery~

Although the journey is difficult, everything is worth it.

Canyon Kayak first experience

We rented a double kayak, and the two sat in front of each other. The whole trip was paddling in the canyon of Lake Powell. A guide took four groups of us and took a break at the end, where there was a small diving point. Of course Xiao Yuzai participated enthusiastically (there is no picture here, because I can only wait on the boat without diving, and I was just blocked by a big rock from the diving point ).

Double oars is a test of the cooperation of two people. The movements must be uniform, otherwise they will only be left behind. This has to mention that there is a person (that is, Xiao Yuzai) who is crazily touching fish while rowing! ! Because there will be big waves when the big boat passes by in the middle, I was afraid of being overturned by the waves, so I tried my best to speed up to avoid the big waves. As a result, when I turned my head and saw someone sitting behind me, I looked left and right leisurely. all the burdens are on me.

The well-deserved Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bay is of course one of the essential attractions. Although I have seen it many times in the circle of friends, I still feel very shocked and beautiful to see it with my own eyes!

You can take pictures around Horseshoe Bay, but you have to pay more attention to safety because there are no fences. We found a rock extending out, and the photos we took were not bad~

Antelope Canyon where light and shadow crisscross – marvel at the uncanny craftsmanship of nature

I finally saw the Antelope Canyon I was thinking about with my own eyes. I started to sigh from the moment I entered: it’s so beautiful~ it’s so beautiful~ it’s so beautiful~ this is too beautiful, and tour guide is also super professional. He took a lot of beautiful photos for us. I feel every time Any one can be used as wallpaper! Although all tourists have the same template, we can be different~

We chose the Lower Antelope Canyon, because the Upper Antelope Canyon, which everyone prefers, can no longer buy tickets. But the Lower Antelope Canyon is also beautiful, the final exit is a narrow trail, quickly catch a small fish.

The Grand Canyon that must go to Top 10 in the United States

Needless to say, the beauty of the Grand Canyon is just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The shuttle in the park is very convenient, there are lines of different colors, plan it according to the map, and then you can start shopping and taking pictures.

Finally, I ended up with a photo of enjoying the sunset of the Grand Canyon.

“Watch the sunset together until we fall asleep.”

See you next time.