Cainiao Honeymoon Self-Driving Tour in West America National Park

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Not long, but enough to remember forever.

8 days, starting from Las Vegas, all the way east, 3 states, 5 national parks, 1 nature reserve, 3,500 kilometers of driving, and a budget of 4,000 US dollars. . The two rookies started off in such a ignorant manner.

Figure 1. Meidi is very suitable for self-driving tours. Basically, every scenic spot will have clear signs and parking photography areas. The most gratifying thing for me is: there are many toilets, and most of them are clean.

Figure 2. National park tickets are basically 10-20 dollars per car, valid for one week. If you go more, you can choose to buy an annual pass, which can be purchased at the entrance of each toll station. It is valid for one year and the price is 80 dollars. The number of people is unlimited for one car.

NO1. Itinerary

9.27 Departed from Oumenala State, transited on the Airport, arrived at Vegas, take the shuttle from the airport to the car rental office to get the car, and stay overnight in Vegas;

9.28 Purchase a few large boxes of water, coke, snacks, ice buckets, and old godmothers at the supermarket , instant noodles, pickled mustard, luncheon meat, depart, arrive at the Hoover Dam at noon, arrive at the Grand Canyon before sunset, and stay overnight at the Grand Canyon. (PS. Adding * is a magic weapon to instantly restore full blood status.

Address: 4155 spring Mtn Rd 99 ranch market Dahua Supermarket)

9.30 early in the morning to watch the sunrise of the Grand Canyon, play 1-2 hiking trails; set off after lunch, Arrive at the evening in the small town of springdale, stay at the family American hotel in springdale.

10.1 Check out, enter the zion park to play independently, you can choose to trace the stream, rock climbing, high and low intensity hiking, we choose a half wading half hiking route, and turn back at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Arrive at Bryce Canyon before sunset and stay overnight in Tropic, a western cowboy town.

10.2 Check out, drive to Capitol Reef National Park, park and walk along the river bed to the cliff for 2-3 hours, then turn back, drive to Arches National Park, stay overnight in moab town;

10.3 Check out, enter Arches National Park and start hiking play. After 3-4 hours of hiking, turn back to the small town of Moab to have a Chinese meal, then depart, arrive at the small town of Page at night, and spend the night at Page.

10.4 Drive to the paria station office to get the mysterious map of the wave valley, and start hiking to the wave. This hiking trip takes 4-5 hours, and you must return before sunset and stay overnight on the page.

10.5 You must transfer to a local Indian vehicle to enter Antelope canyon. After 1-2 hours of play, you can visit several other attractions near the page, including Horshoe Bend and lake powell; depart in the afternoon and arrive in the evening vegas, seafood dinner, in order to make up for the previous few days, we finally stayed in a five-star suite in Vdara for one night.

10.6 pack up and go home.

Antelope canyon is the territory of the largest Indian tribal group navajo, so when entering the valley, you must transfer to their vehicle to join the tour group led by them. If you are a fan of photography, you can choose to follow the photography If the group enters, the time will be longer, and the Indian guide will help you disperse the crowd and find the best photography angle.

According to Ms. Lulu, the hostess of the hotel where we live, the best time to take pictures is from mid-April to the end of September 15, when you can see a beam of light shooting from the top of your head Come in. We went late and missed the best season, but we couldn’t take good photos when we saw it, so we chose a 1.5-hour ordinary tour so.. I didn’t expect such supernatural photos.

In fact, the northern edge of the Grand Canyon is more beautiful and the road is more dangerous. However, time is limited. This time we are walking on the relatively flat southern edge. The vegetation is rich, the air is fresh, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, and it is not dangerous. This walking route is very suitable if there are elderly people traveling together.

Figure 6. This family-style hotel “Under The Eaves Inn” located in the town of springdale is highly recommended. Not to mention the low price, the decoration has a very strong American style, and the bed is very The soft towels are very clean, and the study room can be used freely. The owners are two tall handsome guys and a big dog named Bella. The most worthwhile recommendation is his breakfast! ! The host will give each of the staying guests a meal voucher to order free breakfast at Oscars cafe, a small restaurant in the town.

The autumn leaves are yellow, the leaves are full of green feathers, and countless golden coins are blooming… Does it make you want to hum a love in autumn….

Bryce Canyon The landform of Bryce Canyon is the only landform I can recognize on this trip. I’m really sorry for my geology teacher. There is a trail on the edge of the cliff that can walk along the rock wall to the bottom of the tower valley. If you have enough time, start from the inspiration point and follow the sunset all the way along the entire cliff ring road, and it is best to go down to the bottom of the valley.

I just want to say that I have imagined what my honeymoon should be like a million times: eachother? Flower fields under the moon? A night intoxicated by the spring breeze? A tearful decision under a feast of red wine? no no no my honeymoon… is constantly walking, climbing, wading… a beautiful scene suddenly appeared at the corner before I was tired and dizzy. Therefore, marriage is really more “cruel” than love.

What impresses me the most about all the national parks is that animals are not afraid of people. In terms of wildlife protection, pay great attention, not only At any time, there will be road signs reminding wild animals passing by and slowing down on the road. In the park, the warnings prohibiting feeding animals are also very obvious. There used to be a California bald eagle that died because of eating coins discarded by tourists. This warning has been a big reminder from the Grand Canyon to Zion Park…

This is the top priority of this trip! Located in the hinterland of the Paria Canyon desert there is a mysterious area — the wave wave valley. Because of the rare landform structure, this valley is included in the protection category by the land management department, so it is not open for tourism. Only 20 people are allowed to enter the expedition every day, three days in advance We were lucky enough to get the permit on the Internet last month. There are no landmarks, no signal, not even found on the satellite, and it is very difficult for human rescue to arrive quickly if there is an accident. In addition to luck, willpower and physical strength are also required. Finally, we made it to the end, and then opened another diary to record the strategy in detail.