Traveling all the way – the trip to the United States

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The United States has abundant tourism resources, such as the romantic and prosperous cities, the pumbai of Niagara Falls, the pristine Yellowstone Park, and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon . There are world-renowned universities, Disney and Universal Studios suitable for all age groups. U.S. It attracts tourists from all over the world .

Departed from Shanghai Pudong Airport on May 3 , took a 15-hour long-distance flight with China Eastern Airlines, crossed more than half of the world, and arrived at New York JFK International Airport at 1:00 pm on May 3.

Now holders of B1/B2 visas can apply for entry by themselves. The machine has a Chinese interface prompt, which is very convenient. Just put the visa page on it and scan it. After success , there will be a confirmation slip. Holding the passport and the confirmation form, I walked to a simple security check table outside. A black security check took the confirmation form and let me go without saying anything. It is not very strict as it is said on the Internet . And my husband failed , can only go to the artificial area to queue up to pass the customs, and waited for a long time. The airport is small and old. The carousel for claiming luggage is not far from the security checkpoint. Wait for your husband to come out and pick up your luggage. Unexpectedly, the first day was not going well. Someone in the team had a suitcase that was broken and was missing a wheel, and had to wait for a claim . On the way to the hotel, the bus I took was rear-ended again. In order to wait for the police to deal with it, I waited for another hour and a half on the highway . The efficiency of the American police is too low. When we arrived in New Jersey, known as the Garden State, it was already night to check in. I spent most of the 20 hours on the plane and bus, really tired .

Eastern United States – City Tour

New York 1 day: Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, etc.

New York City is located on the Atlantic coast in the southeastern part of New York State , and is the largest city in the United States It is also one of the largest economic centers in the world. It is known as the capital of the world and directly affects the global financial, media, political, entertainment and fashion industries.

In the morning, take a boat tour to see the scenery on both sides of the Hudson River and see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. The Statue of Liberty wears ancient Greek -style clothes and a radiant crown on her head. The seven pointed lights symbolize the seven continents. She holds up a torch symbolizing freedom in her right hand, and holds a book “Declaration of Independence” in her left hand. There are broken handcuffs and shackles under her feet. It symbolizes freedom from the shackles of tyranny. statue of liberty is usa It is a symbol of the 100th anniversary of independence from France to the United States .

Climbing to the Empire State Building, the top 102nd floor is an indoor observation deck, while the 86th floor observation deck is outdoors. Although it is blocked by barbed wire, it is still beautiful to have a 360-degree view of New York City. It is also the shooting location of many movies and TV series, such as “King Kong”, ” Sleepless in Seattle ” and so on. But there are many people and windy up there, and the lens cap of the camera was blown off by accident, so I searched all over the place in a hurry . There are also high-performance binoculars on the viewing platform, which are free to use. After sightseeing, there is an official commemorative certificate of the Empire State Building in the lobby on the first floor .

Times Square at night. This is the bustling area of ​​Manhattan in New York City, the cultural center of the United States, and is known as “the crossroads of the world”. There are more than 40 shopping malls and theaters nearby, colorful neon lights and street performers, music and TV programs played at any time, enough to shock everyone’s eyes. Every year during the countdown to the New Year, a large number of tourists gather here to celebrate, and it is very lively.

Princeton University – Philadelphia – Washington

Princeton University is one of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States and is located in New Jersey. It has trained 2 presidents and 21 Supreme Court justices for the United States, and more than 1,000 graduates have successively served as U.S. Congressmen , representatives, and senior officials of the federal and state governments. Cradle of politicians. The actor Michael Scofield also graduated from Princeton University . Walking into the campus, you will be attracted by a series of Gothic buildings, which are full of trees and elegant scenery.

Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States and was the capital of the United States . It is located in Pennsylvania, USA , just across the river from New Jersey . The Fairmont Park here is the largest urban park in the world, covering 1,600 hectares and containing the site of the Centennial Exposition of American . The Independence Palace was built in 1732. It is a two-story old red brick building. It looks very simple, but the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born here. still $100 background image . In a glass room on the Independence Palace Square, there is also a collection of the famous Liberty Bell, which is a symbol of the American the pride of Americans. It takes a long time to queue up for security checks, so we can only watch through the window.

Washington, the political center, is the capital of the United States of America, and its name is derived from George Washington, the first president of the United States . Established as the capital in 1790, it is a special administrative region directly under the jurisdiction of the National Assembly. There are many cultural landscapes here, in Washington The National Mall has the Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam War Veterans Memorial, etc.

Niagara Waterfall

Today is an arduous journey. We set off 600 kilometers early in the morning, took seven and a half hours by , and arrived at Niagara Falls at three o’clock in the afternoon. It is located in Ontario, Canada and New York , USA At the junction of , the source is the Niagara River, the main waterfall is located in Canada , and Canada is also the best place to watch the waterfall. Niagara The waterfall consists of three parts: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. When you arrive at the pier, take the elevator to the river, get a blue raincoat (opposite Canada is a red raincoat), take the Maid of the Mist , and watch the magnificent scenery of the waterfall up close. When the boat shuttles between the turbulent waterfalls, you will be thrilled Shocked by the sound of the waves, they cheered excitedly as they were drenched by the torrential rain. Dang and Opposite Canada When the cruise ships staggered, everyone happily waved their hands in response. After the end, go to the upper platform to enjoy the panoramic view of the waterfall. Although the waterfall faces Canada , we can only see its side, but it is very spectacular. No matter how hard you work, you don’t feel tired .

American West—Tour National Parks, Taste Rural Towns

At 3:45 in the morning, I took the bus to Rochester Airport, took the 7:20 transferred in Chicago to Salt Lake City . U.S. Inland Airlines does not provide food, and you have to pay for large luggage (25💲). The McDonald’s bought at the is unpalatable, even worse than domestic ones. In addition, the United States has a large land area, ranking third in the world, and the time difference between the east and the west is different, making it confusing. I arrived in Salt Lake City ( New York ) at 12:20 It’s 2:20 p.m.). When I got off the plane, I felt hot and the sun was very strong. And the bus in the United States has no curtains , so when you find the tour guide in the west of the United States, head to Salt Lake City . Salt Lake City.

It is the capital and largest city of Utah , and hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. More than half of the people in Salt Lake City believe in Mormonism (first heard), the Mormon Temple here is also a holy place for Mormons all over the world, and the white building looks very sacred. The urban environment is also quite clean, and the state government building is built like the Capitol in Washington.

Yellowstone park

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first largest national park. It was included in the list of natural heritage in 1978 and is called “the most unique magical paradise on earth” by Americans. The park is divided into five areas: the Mammoth Hot Spring in the northwest is dominated by limestone steps; The center is the Roosevelt area, which retains the old western landscape; the middle is the canyon area, with the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and waterfalls; the southeast is the Yellowstone The lake area is dominated by lakes and mountains; the west and southwest are geyser areas, filled with geysers, hot springs, steam pools, mud pools, etc. There are wild yaks and bears from time to time. For example, one ticket for a self-driving tour can be visited for seven days. Although we have limited time and can only see a few scenic spots, we will be surprised by the eruption of hot springs at any time when walking on the plank road, but the nature of Yellowstone Park The beautiful scenery is difficult to express in words, and I have been there forever.

Grand Teton Park – Jackson Township

Today, we drove through Grand Teton Park and overlooked the Grand Teton Mountains. There are 8 peaks over 3658 meters in the entire mountain range, the highest of which is the Grand Teton Peak at 4198 meters above sea level. The snow-capped mountains that stretch for hundreds of miles, mountains and mountains, and peaks and peaks. Paramount Pictures also used the mountain as the opening shot of the film. Glaciers nestle against mountains, and the Snake River winds through Grand Teton National parks and vast grasslands are so beautiful. But it’s a pity that I can’t get close to it without time .

Canyonlands, Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park is located in the southeast of Utah. It covers an area of ​​1366 square kilometers and is the largest of the five national parks in Utah. On the viewing platform in the air island area, (be careful if you have a fear of heights). Overlooking the magnificent landscape of the canyon, this is a typical canyon landform. The canyon is deep, long, vast and spectacular. The dark red mountain body permeates different rock formations from top to bottom, with distinct layers and rich colors, and the winding dirt road in the canyon , looks like the car They are very difficult to open. The viewing platform is very windy, and the blown sand and gravel will enter the eyes and mouth .

Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend

The weather in the west is very dry, walking in the desert every day , sometimes my nose bleeds . In the morning, follow the classic route that Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump) walked to Monument Valley. Monument Valley is a part of the Colorado Plateau, a group of giant buttes formed by sandstone, the largest of which is about 300 meters above the bottom of the valley. Looking around, the scenery is majestic. On the valleys of thousands of miles of red sand, there are isolated mountains . This is the Navajo Indian reservation. The museum in the visitor center displays various Indian living utensils, and the upstairs shop sells various Indian-style souvenirs. Buy some food here and take a rest , the ultraviolet rays outside are too strong.

The illusory Antelope Canyon and the majestic Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon, located on the edge of Lake Powell in southern Arizona, belongs to the Navajo Aboriginal Reserve. The red sandstone is a natural landscape formed by millions of years of sandstorm and lake erosion. According to the time agreed by the tour guide, I came to the Lower Antelope Canyon around ten o’clock. Because it is only open for a few months a year, and there are many tourists, I have to play in batches under the leadership of the Navajo tour guide. Our guide is tall and dark, but he is nice and will help you adjust the camera mode and take pictures for you in the best position. Follow the guide to climb the metal stairs to the bottom of Antelope Canyon. Some places inside are very narrow, and you have to turn sideways when you walk alone. The light shines on the upper edge of the canyon and enters the bottom of the canyon, forming reflections on the uneven valley walls, which looks like a shadow and is really beautiful. Walking out of the Antelope Valley, I only saw a large piece of red sandstone, and I was overwhelmed by the magical nature .

In the afternoon, head to the southeast double gorges of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. The Grand Canyon of Colorado is one of the seven natural wonders of the earth. The Grand Canyon seems to be a huge crack that has been split. The Colorado River winds forward at the bottom of the valley. After hundreds of millions of years of river erosion, the current magnificent landscape is formed. . The red giant rock faults on both sides of the canyon are jagged and layered, sandwiching a bottomless giant valley. The red faults on both sides of the strait change under the sunlight, like a huge palette, which becomes colorful and beautiful. Standing on the edge of the canyon, the drop of more than 1,000 meters will be dizzying Most of the national parks in the United States have no fences, and the rocks are loose, so you must be careful when taking pictures . The little squirrel in the Grand Canyon of Colorado is very cute, and it will follow you if you give it food .

Entertainment Capital – Las Vegas

I have been wandering around the major national parks in the western United States for a few days, staying in a hotel next to the road, but I have not seen a decent store or supermarket. Today, we left the desolate desert and came to the city in the desert, Las Vegas – known as the entertainment capital and the wedding capital of the world. It feels deserted due to the high temperature during the day, but it is glamorous at night. “If you’re broke and have a few bucks, go to Las Vegas Maybe it will turn salty fish over. If you have too much money to spend, go to Las Vegas and maybe experience the chicness of a homeless man. Las Vegas , one side is hell, the other side is heaven”. Gambling is the symbol of Las Vegas. There is no one who does not gamble here except children, but we did not go , When the night tour in Las Vegas ended, it was past twelve o’clock. There were still many people gambling downstairs in the hotel, and we were so tired that we wanted to sleep . We didn’t feel the environment of the star hotel well .

An easy day of shopping. After more than 4 hours’ drive from Las Vegas , go shopping at Palm Springs Outlets. The goods here are really cheap, and the domestic sky-high prices can be 50% off or even lower here. It’s just that the time for shopping is short, and the four hours of shopping time is really too tight . Stay overnight in Los Angeles .

Los Angeles – Feel the Thrill

The sign at the entrance of Universal Studios in Los Angeles looks like the logo of a news network . The first stop at Harry Potter Castle, experience the combination of roller coaster and 4D, it is really exciting to spin around. At the second stop, take a scenic car with Chinese explanations to start the tour of the studio, and experience the real movie shooting scenes such as air crashes, floods, and explosions. Then go to the water world to watch the live-action shootout, where explosions, stunts, jet ski stunts, extreme speed dives, bullets and plane crashes all happen before your eyes, which is very exciting. Finally, go to experience the 3D virtual roller coaster of Despicable Me Minions, queue up for a long time and enter the venue in batches to watch videos, rejuvenating .

Resort – Hawaii

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands are the largest secondary archipelago among the Polynesian archipelagos, with a total of 132 large and small islands. After flying for five hours, we arrived at Honolulu (Honolulu) National Airport and started the island tour mode .