This time, we finally got out of California and headed for the Antelope Canyon

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While my wife is in Los Angeles , I will come to Dameidi again during the National Day! !
I just went during the Spring Festival this year, and the main route last time was San Francisco – Los Angeles -San Diego. This time I made up my mind that I must come to California.

Due to the lack of words, my travel notes are generally based on pictures. with a brief introduction。

Anyway , starting from Los Angeles, all the way to the northeast , the picture below is the only mountain to go out of Los Angeles.

This is a place for a solar power station, and the sky of the United States is blue. .

Day1 – Day2

Passing through Las Vegas, there is Trump Tower. . Anyway, we have to go back to the road, here is just passing by.

We stayed in St. George There were five of us on this trip, our young couple, my father-in-law and my godmother.

Well, start a good day, the first stop, Glen Canyon Dam. Learned a word Canyon from then on.

Haha, HorseShoe Bend. . . The literal translation of this taste is also drunk. Horseshoe Bend is still a bit dangerous. Anyway, I’m a little scared, foreigners are still bold.

The dry goods are here, and the itinerary this time is still very rushed. We’ll go through four states in five days. .

Antelope Canyon is also commonly called Antelope Valley. stunning.

The last attraction of the first day. . Already a bit tired. .


Attention, the national park tour begins!

Before going to Arches National Park, go to a place called Balance Rock. .

Various arch stones

Drive all the way to the city, yes, Salt Lake City ! Here we are,first of all, go to give gifts to the officials, Capitol Hill.

After staying in the wilderness for a long time, I drove all the way to the city, yes, Salt Lake City ! Here we come! !

First of all, report to the official! Utah capitol hill.

I forgot to mention Mormonism , you will definitely hear about it when you come to Utah. Because more than 80% of the citizens are Mormons.

I have read about it in books before, and I only remember their polygamy. . Hey
, it’s an interesting religion anyway, and I wear formal clothes when I go out. Very self-disciplined, don’t smoke or drink, don’t eat a lot of food, go to bed early and get up early (I really can’t do this). .

There are also many ” successful ” Mormons in the business world, I forgot to be specific. (If you can be so self-disciplined, it will be difficult if you don’t succeed).


After a simple meal and a nap, I immediately rushed to Yellowstone Park.This is the highlight of this trip, but unfortunately the weather is a bit cloudy . The first point is Upper Fall.

The second Artist Point, when we got off the bus at this point, it rained heavily. . .

Hiding from the rain, the car continued to drive forward, and could only proceed to the next station according to the itinerary, and the distance between the two stations was still very long. Because Yellowstone too big! It’s more than you can imagine.

Fortunately, it didn’t rain all the time, and it almost stopped at the next stop.

Started watching mud paddles, volcanoes.

Old Faithful Geyser

learned another intermittent tide.

This is a very honest intermittent tide with a fixed cycle. After waiting for an hour in the cold and hungry, I finally sprayed it, which is not bad. the sky should be bluer.

Went to Grand Prismatic Spring, it was an absolute disaster. Because it started to rain, I thought the rain was nothing in the car.


In view of being so miserable the day before, the speed slowed down today. .

Let’s take a look at the smoke and enjoy the flowers today. Does this pot look like a place where the war has just been fought?

Ready to go back, I’m hungry and cold here, (I’m dying, I didn’t bring enough clothes)
On the way back, I passed Yellowstone Lake, Simfinger, and there is a big Teton viewing point (that is, the Paramount mountain) . Only when it’s sunny can a good film be produced easily.
Just put a few here.

It snowed on the road out of Huangshi , but it was still beautiful. Saw a lot of bison and deer. It’s a pity that I didn’t see a bear. Hehe,the Great Beauty Emperor is a large land object, Boha, and everything has a large area. share me here too.

There was a big fire in Yellowstone Park more than 20 years ago. Unlike our side, the United States regards it as a natural phenomenon and does not go to fight the fire.So these burned trees are also preserved to this day.

I was overtaken by Wanwan’s group and met at the gas station.I wrote this first today, I am a little tired. I’ll add it another day when I’m free.