Las Vegas-Death Valley-Grand Canyon-Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

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Open Google Map, I found that the location of Las Vegas is perfect for travel enthusiasts, go northwest, there are Death Valley, Yosemite, until San Francisco ; west, Sequoia National Park , Los Angeles ; east, big Canyon, Antelope Canyon; to the south, there are three or four national parks in Utah, and these are all centered on Las Vegas , perfectly distributed as two loops in the east and west. Add to that the allure of Las Vegas itself as Sin City, and anyone visiting the U.S. will put Las Vegas very high on the list.

I have about a week this time, which means that it is impossible to cover everything. In the end, after thinking and thinking, I have decided on the route of Las Vegas, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. In my mind, the first one to come to the United States The must go is Yellowstone National Park , and the second one is Grand Canyon National Park . For this reason, before this departure, I also paid 5 dollars to send the Annual Pass expeditedly, and spent 80 dollars for all the national parks within a year. All are free.

I should be able to go to priceline in China. Anyway, I now book basic air tickets and hotels on priceline. Sometimes I can’t decide the price and compare it on or expedia. Especially when booking hotels, priceline’s express deal is very affordable. And worry-free, of course, friends who have plenty of time or who like to enjoy the most money-saving fun can also bid by themselves. I am a lazy person, and express deal is my favorite.

Even a one-star hotel in the United States is actually not bad. It is equivalent to a domestic express hotel. The hardware and equipment are generally older (because of the age), but the space is much larger than that of domestic express hotels. I see that many of my friends who come to the United States to play in the United States are just looking around, staying in one place for one to two days. In fact, there is no problem in staying in an express hotel or a motel.

This time I went to Las Vegas to find a deal, and I thought it was not bad. The whole package of round-trip airfare and car rental was only $780. But on the last day I flew from Summer Village to New York , then from New York to Detroit , and finally from Detroit to Las Vegas. The plane at 8:00 in the morning flew all the way to 5:30 in the afternoon, and my whole body was thrown into pieces. This is the price of coveting cheap!

Since we ended up with 5 of us going, I had to change to a big car rental at the airport, which turned out to be only an Infiniti SUV. Haha, that’s pretty good too. Driven by vanity, I didn’t hesitate to spend an extra $15 to upgrade every day!

The hotel I stayed in was also an express deal on priceline, a four-and-a-half-star hotel with a casino, as long as $55 per night excluding tax. After all, there are too many hotels in Las Vegas, and there are still a lot of express deals.

Let me talk about the initial impression of Las Vegas casinos. They are everywhere, so each casino is not very full, but in order to facilitate your gambling, these casinos are also very hard. . As far as eating is concerned, the casino of the hotel I live in will issue you a free card as long as you enter. With this card, I can eat a steak set meal at a restaurant in the casino for only $9.99. The set meal was my dinner, and I ended up feeling pretty full the next morning. . Furthermore, it is somewhat similar to an Internet cafe. In order to take care of those gamblers who have been fighting all night, if you eat at 6 o’clock in the morning, there are even more value-for-money packages. .

Closer to home, I didn’t plan to just stay in Las Vegas and not go out, especially during the day, I estimate that many entertainment venues will not be open for business, and of course I can’t afford to spend. . . The plan this morning is to go to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead near Las Vegas, which is less than 45 minutes by car. In the end, driving in the west feels like everyone is driving wild. The road here is not marked by lines, it is connected by protrusions, so when driving, it changes lanes unknowingly. . Several times I was savagely inserted directly from the front. When I saw the speed, I already exceeded 15 miles. Brother, you are catching a plane. . .

On the way to the Hoover Dam, pass through Lake Mead first. This is an artificial lake formed by the construction of the dam. I thought there must be nothing to see. The plan was to drive around the lake, but the lake was unexpectedly worth seeing! The climate here in Las Vegas is dry, and the weather is very good. There are not even clouds. The lake is blue, and the breeze blows a little ripple, which slowly spreads out and looks like silk.

If you visit Lake Mead, if you have an Annual Pass, you can enter for free, otherwise you will have to pay 10 dollars. The two scenic views of the sunset point and 33 holes in it must be turned in and have a look. I didn’t expect the scenery of the artificial lake to be so good.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend money, that’s totally fine! When driving towards the Hoover Dam, there is a fork in the road leading to Lake Overlook. This free one should go to see it anyway, overlooking Lake Mead, it is the essence.

The tour of the Hoover Dam is divided into two parts, one is to visit the dam itself, and the other is to overlook the Hoover Dam (called Bridge Walk) from the high road bridge in front of the Hoover Dam. Gotta try it. You can also spend 10 dollars to visit the interior of the dam, but I have no interest in this part. Who wants to listen to the construction process and history of the dam? The Autobots and Decepticons fight here would be my style of visit. Hoover Dam was rated as one of the seven greatest livelihood projects in the United States, and the power it brings not only covers the United StatesThe southwest region, and even the power supply in the Midwest is also provided here.

Ending the visit to the Hoover Dam itself, and then going to the road bridge to overlook the entire dam, this is the essence again, even more exciting than visiting the dam itself. The highway bridge itself is very spectacular. If someone has been to the Horgos Bridge, it is like that. One section of the bridge is Nevada, and the other end is Arizona. Nevada’s sign also says Silver State, because Nevada used to produce silver, and the corresponding Golden State is of course California. Looking down on the entire Hoover Dam and Reservoir from the highway bridge is very shocking. You can’t stop taking pictures. Old and beautiful people usually only bring mobile phones, or at most take digital cameras. When they see people with DSLRs, don’t think too much about 80% of them being touched. to my compatriots hahaha.

Return to downtown Las Vegas at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon , take a short rest and go out to visit the city. Visiting Las Vegas is easy, just walk along Las Vegas South Boulevard, which is also known as “Strip Street” and is particularly famous. It’s hard to describe how I felt when I visited. This is just the way it looks during the day, and the night scene is even brighter. Each building is unique, but as a whole reflects the character of the city. Let me tell you how I feel. Las Vegas is located in the desert, but it can provide all the luxury and enjoyment you can think of. I think Las Vegas is a luxurious version of Dragon Inn, a city of life and death in the Spring and Autumn War, and a bit like the urban version of Hotel California, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”. I believe that if you have experienced the happiness here, no one leaves without thinking that they will come back in the future. Friends who go there should be able to go up and down the city map of Las Vegas on major tourism websites, and say a few landmarks, the pseudo Eiffel Tower , the pseudo Statue of Liberty, the pseudo Venice(The Las Vegas cottage will be shattered…), Mirage (the volcanic eruption at the entrance at night), Luxor (the Sphinx ), and Hard Rock and Harley Davidson, which I am personally very interested in. Cafe (although I didn’t go in to see it, I was too tired to stop and didn’t want to stop…).

I saw a lot of strategies and photos about Death Valley on Internet, and found very few, and often lack of interest. It is quite a bit of some 5A-level scenic spots in China. It is very famous and tasteless, and it is a pity to abandon it. After a quick glance at a few attractions on its national park official website, I drove from Las Vegas today. Starting from Las Vegas, it takes about 2 and a half hours to drive into the park from Furnace Creek.

This annex does not exist or has been deleted. On the way, I repeatedly sighed with emotion, it is too similar to Xinjiang, the vast and boundless scenery, the yellow sand and gravel are like the Gobi Desert. Driving on the highway by myself, I kept thinking about the situation I was shocked by the vast Gobi Desert when I traveled from Urumqi to Turpan a few years ago.

The first place I would like to recommend in Death Valley, Dante’s View, this place has not even entered the national park, driving a car to climb a mountain, and the whole national park has a panoramic view. This spectacular view makes all Everyone couldn’t help but admire it. Unexpectedly, the first scenic spot today was a great success and got off to a good start. We even joked that friends who don’t want to spend money to visit Death Valley can just drive away after watching it here.
The attachment does not exist or has been deleted. The attachment does not exist or has been deleted . Then I drove forward, and Twenty Mule Team Canyon was a bit tricky. It turned out that I was not good at English, and I misunderstood the meaning of mule. . . In other words, this road is not an asphalt road, but a gravel road. Later, I called it “stool road”, and friends sitting in the back seat of the car called it “enjoy the car shock”. I said, this national park is really poor, can’t you make a road that allows me to drive well? . .

The last recommended place before entering the park is Zabiskie Point, a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset. It is said that many scenic spots in Death Valley National Park are on both sides of I190, and the national park has no right to set up toll booths on interstate highways, so after a day of playing, I found that this place is all about self-consciousness, no wonder it is so poor Can’t fix it. . Compared with Yellowstone, it is very different!

Entering the park, I drove north to Salt Creek. I thought that although it was not like Chaka Salt Lake, it was a creek with some salt crystals, but it turned out to be nothing and completely dried up. . There are also pictures of fish, animals, birds, etc. on the bulletin board. Look carefully, oh. . . There were many animals here in ancient times. . Do you want me to make up my mind?

This annex does not exist or has been deleted . All the way north, towards Stovepipe Wells Village, we went to two attractions, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, I can only say that this dune is too small, a small piece; another Mosaic Canyon, this is very small Great, no need to finish it because I doubt it will end up in another place. As long as you walk for about 15 minutes, you can see the magnificent work of nature, and then you can go out.

This attachment does not exist or has been deleted . Drive back to I190 from Stovepipe Wells Village and continue all the way north, and no further north, to another surprise Ubehebe Crater, an extinct crater. It was a big bowl, very shocking, and the wind was so strong that a man like me felt like he was going to be blown away. He really felt unsteady and very exciting. I tried to go on, but it was impossible to walk against the wind.

The attachment does not exist or has been removed . After reading this start going back, past Furnace Creek and then turn to Badwater. Natural Bridge is ok, and I also found a heart-shaped stone ring placed by a tourist. Sure enough, love is everywhere; Artist Drive has a false name. I thought that such as Artist Point and Inspirational Point must be the ultimate beauty in the eyes of foreigners. This Artist Drive is not bad.

The attachment does not exist or has been deletedOn the road to Badwater, the ancients were not seen before and there were no comers, and the road stretched straight into the distance. While everyone in the car was dozing off, I raced to 100 mph, which reminded me of the beautiful journey from Jiadengyu to Burqin when I watched the driver step on the accelerator to the end.

Badwater is the lowest point of sea level in the Western Hemisphere, a small pool surrounded by salt crystals. The above is the itinerary for a day trip in Death Valley, there are many other attractions, but time is limited and it is impossible to cover everything, but at least what I have played today is very worthwhile and very interesting. Many places make the people in our car big Shout out, feel that this is a worthwhile trip.

Starting from Las Vegas in the morning , today’s task is relatively easy. According to the plan, as long as you drive to Williams, it only takes nearly 4 hours to drive from the google map. As a result, on an empty highway, I was repeatedly over 100 miles without knowing it. Entering Arizona, the roadside scenery is quite different. Although it is endless, it is not like the Gobi Desert. In some sections, it feels a bit like Bayinbrook.

Speeding all the way, the result is more than 2:00 in the afternoon to Williams. We stayed at the highlander motel in Williams, which is an hour drive from the Grand Canyon National Park, mostly for cost reasons. If you live in a hotel outside the South Gate of the Grand Canyon, the price is twice as expensive as in Williams. It is commendable that the Mexican restaurant in Williams town tastes good, and it also encounters Route 66, which is probably the most frequently chosen road for Road Rrip.

After lunch, I saw that it was too early, so I came up with the idea of ​​going to the Grand Canyon. By the way, I could watch sunset and solve some of the tasks for tomorrow. It is also very good. I saw a few deer on the side of the road. They are very cute and cute, and their eyes are watery and innocent. I like them very much! Drive into the Grand Canyon from the South Gate and come to Mathers Point. Although I have seen countless photos before, I was deeply shocked by the Grand Canyon for the first time. It was so spectacular.

Some of the places to take pictures are very thrilling, just on the rocks protruding from the cliffs. Although his legs were trembling, but after all, the infinite scenery was on the dangerous peak, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to be a hero, so he even rolled over to take pictures. At sunset, the setting sun slanted, and the entire canyon was illuminated red, against the fiery clouds in the sky, and instantly thought of Cang Hai’s laugh “There is still one evening photo left”.

Starting from Williams early in the morning, I did not deliberately pursue to watch the sunrise, but the light is definitely good in the morning, especially watching the golden luster sprinkled on the rock wall is always very eye-catching.

Like most tourists, we enter the Grand Canyon from the South Gate and mainly visit the southern and eastern lines of the Grand Canyon. Not far from the south gate is the visitor center. There are two free shuttle routes. The green line goes east along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. There are about 3 viewing points along the route, and the end point is Yaki Point; the red line is along the south rim to the west. , 6,7 viewpoints along the route, ending at Hermit’s Rest. The visitor center area is very large, so there is a blue line in the visitor center area.

I originally planned to play on both the green line and the red line, but I thought that the best spot to watch the sunrise was at Yavapai Point. I walked all the way to the departure station of the red line, and completely forgot about the green line. . . But in fact, it is enough to look at one line, because in general, you can appreciate the Grand Canyon from various angles. It is estimated that after half a day, even the strongest people will be aesthetically fatigued.

The blue and red lines are quite impressive. First of all, not far from the visitor center is Mathers Point. This point should be the first close contact between most tourists who play the southern line and the Grand Canyon. The importance of the first impression Needless to say. There is also a protruding rock near Mathers Point, students who are afraid of heights should not try it, but the more thrilling it is, the more suitable it is to pretend, so it is worth taking the risk under the premise of safety; it is said to go west to Yavapai Point. It’s good to watch the sunrise, but I didn’t deliberately pursue it this time, but the golden sunlight in the morning and the wide field of view of Yavapai Point form a very magnificent picture; further ahead is the Bright Angel Trailhead, along the This Trail can go all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and it can be in closer contact with nature. It is very awesome. There will be warnings that it may not be complete in one day. I really want to try it later! Go further west and start the red line. You can take the shuttle for a short distance of hiking and get off at each viewing point to visit.

Mohavi Point and Hopi Point are according to the driverThe best point to watch the sunset , and the driver will be very kind to tell you the approximate time of sunset today. At these two points, you can vaguely see the red Colorado River winding through the Grand Canyon; Trail Overlook can see the Bright Angel Trail along the Circling down the canyon, as well as the Bright Angel Fault running through the large canyon; Powell Point has the widest view, without any trees blocking, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Grand Canyon; Much the same, everyone depends on their own time arrangements.

By the way, I’m not sure if the red line and green line can drive by yourself , but as far as I can see, there is basically no private car driving, so I think it should be prohibited; after finishing the red line, you can take the eastern line Desert View , I went back to the rhythm of getting in the car to sleep and getting out of the car to take pictures, which my friends like to hear. Haha, although it is Desert View, there is really no Desert. . .

There are a total of 5 viewing points along the route. The first viewing point is called Grand View Point. There are countless cars parked. When I drove past, I couldn’t stop, but the scenery was ordinary. But the last three points have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lipan Point can See the longest section of the Colorado River; Navajo Point can overlook the Watch Tower on the cliff; the last point is the Watch Tower, the essence of the east line, climb the tower, you can see far and wide, if you are in China , it is indispensable The literati wrote an inscription.

After Watch Tower, we went straight ahead, left the Grand Canyon from the east gate, and drove to Page. It should be noted that the section of Highway 89 close to Page was blocked when we went there, and the GPS will prompt you to drive from 89 Alternative. , that’s super tricky, for which I drove about an extra hour and a half of unjust road. The correct way to drive is to turn off the GPS, always pay attention to the signs on the side of the road, turn left at a place called Gap on Highway 89 (there is a gas station) and turn left on the US 89 Loop, and you will reach Page.

During breakfast, I met my sisters from Brazil, who showed me photos of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I suddenly realized that the photos of the wavy rocks were taken on the North Rim. It is said that the North Rim has fewer tourists and is more wild. If you have time, you can also go to the North Rim.

This morning, I followed the local Indian tour guide to Antelope Canyon. I think this is the government’s care for the Indians. The magic is that in the small town of Page, several major telecom operators have no signal at all. There are countless beautiful photos of Antelope Canyon on the Internet. It seems that anyone who comes to Antelope Canyon will be inspired by the talent of photographers. The truth is, the tour guide here is the sweeper in the photography world. I picked up my camera and adjusted it. The amazing thing was that even if my SLR system was in Chinese, it didn’t affect the tour guide’s quick adjustment of the camera for me. . . So every time we go to a place to take pictures, we just hand over the camera in our hand to the tour guide. .

Antelope Canyon must be booked in advance for the group led by the local Indians. I saw that there seem to be two, and I ordered the team of Chief Tsousie. There are two types of tour groups in their family. The ordinary tour group takes 1.5 hours and cannot bring a tripod, and it costs 48 dollars per person; After personal experience and previous sharing by netizens from all over the world, if you are not a photography enthusiast, an ordinary group is enough.

After visiting Antelope Canyon, return to Page and drive to Horseshoe Bend, which only takes about 15 minutes. Needless to say, Horseshoe Bay, I found a lot of photos online, two words, shocking! This kind of scenery is really hard to see in other places. Maybe there are such U-shaped bays in Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet.

I went back to Las Vegas in the evening, and finally went to see a show on the last night. Otherwise, my friends would die of thinking, and they all said how can I go to Las Vegas and not watch the show, and how can I not watch the “that kind of” show. But in fact, what I want to see the most is the Rock show. Unfortunately, the timing was bad, and I won’t be back in Las Vegas until November. So I took the next step and watched the Britney Spears show. The ticket price was only $39. I have been thinking about such a show for a long time! Although Britney has already passed the peak, and her popularity is far less than that of the year, there are still many classic songs. If you have the opportunity to come to Las Vegas in the future, you must have a good time for a few days!

Finally, Shanandoah National Park is the most beautiful time of the year. I rushed back to Summer Village on Saturday to go to Shanandoah National Park to open Skyline Drive on Sunday. Skyline Drive runs through the entire national park, and the scenery along the way is really a pleasure. There are countless viewpoints that can be parked and routes that can be hiked. When driving, the golden leaves slowly fall down from time to time, and there is a feeling that time is still. If you have time to live for a day or two, it will feel like a paradise. If you just drive, the whole journey only takes half a day, which is very convenient.